There is just so much sneaker heat we can't front on the ladies! Ain't nothin' better than a fly honey dip rockin' somethin' that crane your neck back a few twists. Now that's Extra. So without further ado, get you some of this heat and level up a step or two gal!

1) Emilio Pucci Jungle Joy Sneakers

The top of the pops this month from Emilio Pucci?! Leave it to the new design blood of this storied house to ingeniously blend ruffles with a classic sneaker silhouette! Standing-O for this Italian mad science!

2) Burberry Arthur Sneakers

Oooh this fly tech shxt with the classic Burberry Nova Check! Eeeeeel. Created under the stylish watch of Riccardo Tisci, this is gang busters!

SPITGAN Emporium

STR3AK Sham Shui Po Leisure Club Cool Breeze Tie Dye Cap (Unisex)

This vibrant dad cap from Hong Kong brand STR3AK Clothing, comes in their, 'Cool Breeze' tie-dye. The Sham Shui Po Leisure Club logo is embroidered on the front panel in fluorescent green. Each piece is unique with variations in the tie-dye pattern.
100% Cotton cap, adjustable strap, 1 size fits most.
Dominant blue and green colorway will vary per piece.


3) MM6 Maison Margiela High Top Sneakers

If there's a choice between a low or a hi, I'm a high type a guy. This sleek monocromatic gem from MM6 Maison Margiela looks water proof to your drool drops. Cop.

4) Kenzo Sonic Velcro Sneakers

Strappy 80's goodness right here from the colorway to the silhouette. Channels California Sun and girls rockin' headbands to me. 

5) Air Jordan OG Sneakers

Never seen these joints or even knew of their existence. For the ladies, this OG design is fly as hell! Guess ya'll deserve one for the 10+ library of sickness that is the men's line...

6) Y3 Black Ren Sneakers

Y3 stays innovative in the game with these Ren Sneakers. Chunky and badass.

7) Chloe Blake Sneakers

Oooh Chloe ya'll footwear be doin' it right. Definitely a few steps ahead of the womenswear line with some bomb ass sneakers these few seasons! We see ya!

8) New Balance Silver X Racer Sneakers

Oooh this silhouette was already turning our heads, but the edition of this silver Racer colorway...Mmmmph. Spacey Tobasco sauce is what this is.

9) Eytys Sonic Sneakers

These astronaut leisure shoes look like they got more bounce to the ounce in zero gravity. Old school to new, with the canvas and plastic details on the body. That 'dere some teek as sole for those that need it!

10) Ader Error X Puma Sneakers

Nice to meet you Ader Error. I really dig what you did with these Puma joints. Elongated silhouettes are my type of jam as I am not height impaired. This colorway is too fresh too!

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