Gaby wears Mandarin Collar Vest from Wild Life Thrift Store, XL Hoop Earrings from Ame Accessories Republic.

Photos : Nick D for precursorprints
Stylee : 2 Dirty Guys for precursorprints
Model : Gaby @scribblescrawler
Makeup & Hair : Iza Alegro @izaalegro
Photo Assist : Krystal Chan @krystal.chn

SPITGAN : Where are you from Gaby?
Gaby : Originally from New Jersey, lived all over it so I’ve been close to NYC and in the middle of forests. 

SG : Where's the party at there?
Gaby : Jersey has the best breakfast sandwiches ever, hands down. It’s also home to a lot of urban legends and myths—haunted roads, cursed trees, and of course our state son, the Jersey Devil. We have a whole magazine called Weird NJ devoted to this. One of my favorite places is this abandoned theme park Warner Bros used to own called Jungle Habitat. It’s been left intact and is now overgrown and spooky. Some of the animals escaped way back—I had a teacher who found an emu in his shed. 

SG : What brings you to Vancouver?
Gaby : I came to Vancouver for love, adventure, and film. Two of those worked out. 

Top Left : Gaby wears Streetball Tie Dye Cap from STR3AK Clothing, Leather Jacket and shorts are Gaby's own, neoprene bikini top from Wild Life Thrift Store.
Top Right : Wearing Booyaa Hoodie from STR3AK Clothing.
Bottom : XL Hoop Earrings Ame Accessories Republic

SG : What makes Vannie a dope place to live?
Gaby : I love how in Van you can go hiking and then hit up the beach, and then go to a club or concert downtown all in the same day. The food scene here is also amazing. I’m addicted to spicy food. It’s also great how we have nearly every cuisine imaginable here (Jersey still has the best pizza and bagels though).

SG : Where do you like to hang out here?
Gaby : Lynn Canyon is gorgeous and a bit less touristy than other spots. The Rio is an awesome theater, I try to go as often as I can. Stormcrow Tavern is great for nerding it up. The random shot roll is always fun!

SPITGAN Emporium 
STR3AK Supreme Court Tee

Stylish and long, your man will hate you for vic'in' this.


SG : Describe your personal style.
Gaby : I describe my style as witchy punk. I like blending hard punky edges with soft touches like florals, blurring gender, black with splashes of bright color. Neon lights at night. Fashion is about expression for me. I’m shy so I let my style speak. 

SG : What was the inspiration behind this wicked hair?
Gaby : My hair is part of the hard and soft desire in terms of cut—for the color I wanted it to look like a synthwave album cover.

Gaby wears her favorite leather jacket, neoprene bikini top from Wild Life Thrift Shop, and XL Hoop Earrings from Ame Accessories Republic.

SG : Tell us about this leather jacket piece!
Gaby : This jacket was a must have the moment I saw it. Tough guy leather with embroidered flowers and vines? Yes please. The double zipper is nice too. 

SG : What makes a man attractive?
Gaby : I’m drawn to guys that are passionate and honest—fully themselves. If he can get excited, even goofy, about what he cares about? I swoon.

SG : Does Vancouver have fashion style?
Gaby : Vancouver has athletic wear and I notice a lot of Korean styles. I think it’s young and kind of confused for a city, not as defined and established as NYC or Pittsburgh. Due to this I find a lot of style here blends together so I get really excited when I see style that stands out. 

Top : Gaby wears Mandarin Collar Vest from Wild Life Thrift Store, and XL Hoop Earrings from Ame Accessories Republic.
Bottom : Gaby wears Supreme Court Tee from STR3AK Clothing, and XL Hoop Earrings from Ame Accessories Republic.

SG : When this world rights itself, where is the first place you would go?
Gaby : Besides seeing family back in Jersey I’ve been wanting to go to the Philippines for a while now. 

SG : Tell us about a person that inspires your work creatively.
Gaby : I’m torn between saying Satoshi Kon or Guillermo del Toro. Both have such intense and beautiful visions, I aspire to storytelling at their levels. 

SG : What are 3 bands/musicians you are listening to right now?
Gaby : I’ve been listening to a lot of Glass Animals, All Them Witches, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Top Left : Gaby wears her favorite leather jacket, and Streetball Tie Dye Cap from STR3AK Clothing.
Top Right : Wearing Booyaa Hoodie from STR3AK Clothing and earrings her own.

Bottom : Wears Striped Top Wild Life Thrift Store, Snowboard Pants and Boots her own.


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