About Us

SPITGAN is an Asian fashion magazine and online shop with a Hip Hop attitude. Our content is fresh and our products premium goods. Shop with confidence, read and expand your mind in the wide world of fashion!

We are here to champion up and coming talents in fashion design, creative arts and music. There are many deserved artists we feel are creating amazing things, pushing the creative conversation forward. We want to seek to share their work and innovative ideas with a larger audience. 

Our online shop also attempts to do the same. We only featuring quality products we have personally vetted, confident they will bring our customers as much enjoyment as we find in them!

Our house brand STR3AK is our little growing baby we are very proud of! The available designs are made of premium quality manufacture and reflect our personal identity and taste. We are a colorful, inclusive brand for sportswear enthusiasts, that cannot compromise style or comfort! 

SPITGAN sees itself as an all encompassing exchange of ideas and goods between East and West! There is more in common than you think! Join the movement and add to the conversation!

Submissions are welcome, and you may also contact us at : whatyouwant@spitgan.com

Thank you for your support.

Nick Dynamo