STR3AK Clothing

STR3AK Clothing is an Asian street savvy brand, based in Hong Kong, with a wicked sense of humor and smart tongue. We are foul mouth Hip Hop and basketball fanatics. You can find us roaming the streets of Hong Kong, slurping noodles, and rapping in Karaoke parlors rockin’ thrift finds with spotless kicks. We are dynamic, curious, and restless. We make fashion from a Hong Kong point of view. It’s color palette and grimey look is our inspiration. It’s rich language fuels our visual language.

STR3AK Clothing is a strong cocktail with stylish refinement. Our garments are created with attention to detail, from fabric selection to finishings.

We cut and we sew it. We some streetwise cats with ambitions on high street. Currently our young ruffian of a brand is in its nascent years. Our foundation pillars are exposed and being reinforced. The rise will be vertical. Don’t blink.

STR3AK Clothing 是個在香港的亞洲嘻哈街頭品牌,創作無與倫比的時尚,我們的設計從面料到每個細節都十分重視,讓我們的設計成為歷久不衰的經典品。我們擁有最靈活的頭腦和最邪惡的幽默感。我們創造屬於這裏,充滿色彩和貼的本地時裝。

你知道旺角的大排檔、佐敦的小攤子野?你去過這裡的卡拉ok rap出本地的嘻哈音樂嗎 ?對了!我們可是嘻哈和籃球的狂熱分子。這些將代替我們的說話,成為我們唯一的官方語言。

STR3AK Clothing雖然剛剛起步,但我們是街頭上最有野心的野貓。請繼續留意我們。