STR3AK Clothing

STR3AK a premium sportswear brand made in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with a wicked sense of humor and smart tongue. We are foul mouth Hip Hop and basketball fanatics. You can find us roaming the streets near you fired up and absorbing inspiration. We slurp our noodles loud, and sing/rap off-key in Karaoke parlors. Let the good times roll! We rock to-die-for thrift finds with spotless kicks. STR3AK is a restless energy. We live fierce!

STR3AK Clothing is a strong cocktail or craftmanship and stylish refinement. Our garments are created with an attention to detail, and to utmost quality standards, from fabric selections to finishings.

We cut and we sew it. We some streetwise cats with ambitions on high street. Currently our young ruffian of a brand is in its nascent years. The rise will be vertical. Don’t blink.