'Lux Perception' Accessories story. Image 1. Silver and Pearl necklace by Oops
Pictured : Baroque Pearl Chain Necklace by Oops available at Colton's Couture.

Photos : Nick D for Precursor Prints

Stylee : 2 Dirty Guys for Precursor Prints

Stylish accessories of the season, seen through the lens of a mind altered. Drippy shapes, creatures of the deep. Sunken treasures. 

'Lux Perception' Accessories story. Image 2. Jade Buddha Bracelet by Bloodline
Pictured : Jade Buddha Bracelet by Bloodline available at Colton's Couture.


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STR3AK Incognito Marauder Mask

Big statement for those that keep it on the low. 


Shop STR3AK Incognito Marauder Mask

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'Lux Perception' Accessories Story. Image 3. Crusader Chain and Cross Dagger by Bloodline
Pictured : Crusader Chain with Killian Hones Cross Dagger by Bloodline available at Colton's Couture.

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