A fashion story in collaboration with illustrator : Yanori @Yanori_i

Model wears Lacoste.

Left : Models wears Charles Jeffrey Loverboy // Right : Model wears Miu Miu

Model wears Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

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Model wears Lacoste.

Model wears Marc Jacobs.

Model wears Miu Miu.

Left : Models wears Charles Jeffrey Loverboy // Right : Model wears Miu Miu

Left : Model wears Lacoste // Right : Model wears Charles Jeffrey Loverboy 

Model wears Marc Jacobs.

Yanori Interview

SPITGAN : You live in Israel by way of Tashkent, Uzbekistan? Can you tell us a bit about both places from your experience? 

Yanori : Yes, I was born in Tashkent and when I was 13, our family moved to Israel.

I remember Tashkent from the perspective of a girl and as a teenager. The tastes, smells... dim memories of childhood, and some places in the city (like home, school, the market, and the park). Sometimes it seems to me like it was a dream...

Israel is very different from where I grew up, in terms of mentality, culture, climate, people. Everything.

I had to start my life over, learn the rules, language, etc. Israel is a small, dense country; very energetic. It feels like there's always a fire, and something's going on everywhere. The people are very temperamental, and there are a lot of interesting types (of them) here. However, there are also many beautiful and interesting places to visit, such as the Dead Sea, the Golan Heights, Eilat, the nature reserves and historic sites.
SG : Where exactly do you live now? What is the best time to visit your city?
Yanori : I live in Ramat Gan, a small town near Tel Aviv.

The two reasons I choose to live here are the quiet environment, and it's proximity to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is a central, intense, and vibrant city where everything happens 24/7. The city is also a cultural phenomenon and we call it another name, “The Bubble”. I love that in 15 minutes I can get there, hang out, or make arrangements, and then go back to my quiet neighborhood.

Let's talk about a time to visit when there are no limits due to the Covid situation. For those who like the sea and warm, sunny weather, it is a good idea to come in the spring and summer months (Tel Aviv is located near the sea).  Anyone who doesn't really enjoy the hustle, noise and overload, will enjoy the city in the winter.

SG : What do you admire about fashion?

Yanori : Of course, there's the visual, esthetic, and beauty of fashion that fascinates me. I'm very sensitive to textiles, texture, colors, patterns and shapes. But even fashion theory/history has a weight in my attraction to the field. It fascinates me to follow cultural moves related to the development of fashion. I look at phenomena as a work of art, ask questions, and find interest in the most trivial things. It's interesting to see the changes that the field has been going through in the last few decades and how it affects everyday life.

SG : Would you say you have had a mentor, or someone that has encouraged your work. Challenged you to get better? Can you tell us about him or her? Yanori : No. I'd say I don't have a mentor. Since art school, I've been able to disengage from the effects or thoughts that can come from other people. I recognize the importance of knowledge in art history, contemporary art and artists that are creating here and now. I have conversations, and I expose myself to the art of many artists, trying to see and understand the processes.

But passion and desire to create comes from within, it's the only thing that drives me to create.

SG : Is music a big part of your life? What are you listening to right now?
Yanori : Not really. I don't listen to music every day. I like to be exposed to new things, but it's very rare if I listen to the same song more than once.

I like things that are experimental, I hardly know any contemporary/pop artists.

SG : Who are two people that really inspire you?
Yanori : It's like the question of which movie/book/painter do you like best?

Questions like that always freeze me in the spot and I roll around with names and see a lot of pictures in my head. Help! Just somebody make it stop!

But, I'll answer -- my parents, I'm still learning a lot from them.

SG : What do you know about Asia? What inspires you about it? Yanori : I have a very romantic conception of the Far East, it's based on common knowledge and things you discover through movies, literature, animation, people's personal experiences and stigmas. It's more about segments and chips of information and it's very general to talk about. I'd certainly like to visit the different countries in the Far East, learn more about the tradition and history of the places.

SG : Are there a lot of Asian people in Israel? Your hometown?
Yanori : Personally, I'm less about putting an emphasis on where people are from. The people here come from so many countries. You can hear so many languages in the streets, no one sounds or seems unusual. It makes Israel very special. I have never experienced such a powerful phenomenon like this in any other country I've visited. (I don't know the real numbers, but yes.) 

SG : What do you want to express in your work/drawings?

Yanori : I'm more focused on the process than on the result. I don’t work with a concrete idea in my mind.

I see something that grabs my eye, or I have some idea that I want to do. I just do.

A lot of things stay in the sketchbook or go to the trash because they were just tests.

I'd say I'm looking for an interest in my actions.

SG : Do you think your style is still developing?
Yanori : Yeah, sure. I mean, I have what I call “my line”, but I keep looking to experiment and look for new ways of expression. Whether to work in a medium that I don't know, or do some exercises that can bring interesting results... each time the drawing looks different. I'm actually interested in discovering new things inside my drawings. I feel like every new thing I experience just develops my abilities. I'm very curious and not afraid to make mistakes.

SG : I also really like that you draw fashion on people I wouldn't consider your typical models, maybe even a bit outworldly! Have you always been attracted to these characters? Why? Yanori : I love interesting imagery - standout characters, patterns, something that catches your eye. It comes naturally to me.

SG : What is your fashion style?
Yanori : Most of my clothes are from secondhand stores, special things I've collected over the years - dresses and shirts from the '60s to '80s.

Also, I really like oversized clothes. I’m buying men's clothes and making interesting combinations between all things.

SG : How do people like to dress in your town/city? Would you say it's a stylish place?
Yanori : Hell no. I don't think you can say it's a stylish place. For sure there are no rules here, no dress codes. You can meet people on the street wearing fancy clothes, or basics, even pajamas! People will wear very strange combinations. I think the main motto here is - “comfort first”. You also have to remember that most of the year, it is really hot here, and there's no choice but to wear some kind of shorts and a T-shirt.

SG : Can you tell us about some local fashion designers in Israel, or artists you like?
Yanori : I love Abigail's stuff (@kolker_embroidery by Avigail Kolker). She uses vintage clothes and embroiders new narratives on them.

Maya Bash (@mayabash_lab by Maya Bash), is a clothing maker with a clean esthetic but with a special touch. Her lookbooks are very pretty, too.
Noa's (@ofnat_bracha by Noa Tarlovsky) story is fascinating. After graduating from Fashion Academy, she reopened the family's atelier that belonged to her grandparents, saved the original brand name, and started to make new designs with a retro appeal.

SG : Future plans?
Yanori : I'm working on a project in cooperation with fashion designers.

The idea is to create an illustrated story about people who stand behind the brand.

Another project that I'm working on, is to get out of the page format and try to combine drawing with other materials.

SG : Thanks Yanori! Check out more of Yanori's work here : Yanori-i.com


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