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Yo check it. It's been a hot sec since we produced any content from Taiwan and it's not because of a lack of stories! The return is long overdue, and now it is upon us. We connect with graffiti artist/calligrapher/tattoo artist Creepy Mouse!

What brought the homie to our attention were his pieces using Chinese characters. We have always thought Chinese was an ideal written language for graffiti and it's flavor of making tags and pieces as difficult to decipher as possible. Creepy Mouse been been bringin' it with a strong graphic flavor for a good sec. 

Homie has also been coming into our backyard making collaborations in Hong Kong with a graf supply shop, and I am sure just painting around. It was time we reached out for an interview. Check the article below as Creepy Mouse introduces us to some of his favorite spots in the cities of Taipei and his hometown, Tainan, Taiwan. Also noted on both maps are recommended graffiti spots to visit, and spots you will find some of his favorite pieces! Check homie give us a bit of background on each!

Tune in to our IG Live : spitgan_magazine, THIS Friday, July 24, 2020, 1PM HKT as we speak to Creepy Mouse himself! Not to be missed!

The dope shxt is this is all a supplement to an IG LIVE interview we have scheduled. Homie will fill us in on his craft, and inspirations, painting in Taiwan, travels, and projects he is currently working on! 'The Hip Hop of Things' Episode 2 on our IG account : spitgan_magazine. This Friday, July, 24th, 2020, 1PM HKT!

Taiwan Map of recommended graffiti spots by CreepyMouse and the location of some of his work :

Taiwan Map with marked locations of recommended graffiti spots by CreepyMouse
1) Ming Chi University of Technology. Legal wall.

2) Nanya Night Market. Illegal walls, one of CreepyMouse's favorite.
"MOUSE WILD STYLE! It's been long time since I've painted in wild style. Actually all of my influences come from street and wild style. This a reflection of my start, the origins of CreepyMouse! 

3) Ximen Cinema Park. Legal walls.

4) Yuanshan Legal Walls.

5) Meiti Riverside Park. Legal walls.

6) Guanshan River Park. Legal walls.

Tainan Map and more Creepy Mouse works below, after advertisement.

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Tainan Map of recommended graffiti spots by CreepyMouse and the location of some of his work : 

1) Sicao Bridge. Illegal spot.

"My favorite spot in Tainan because it is a seaside site, under the bridge. With the pleasing sounds of waves, and not many people there. It's quite a chill place! We call the spot 'Under the Sicao Bridge!'"

2) Zhonghua Road Legal Wall.

3) Siway Underpass. Legal Spot.
"Reality with Fantasy. In my life everything runs in reality and fantasy, so the piece is made up of many contrasting words to mean what things I met/experienced.

4) Tainan Skatepark. Legal Spot.
"Face the Truth. Sometimes when you see everything clearly and find the truth, you will lay down everything from your heart."



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