The Hip Hop Of Things EP5. Masia One

Hosted by Nick D for SPITGAN Magazine and DJ Borderbreaks.

The Hip Hop Of Things EP5 features The Far East Empress, MC Masia One. In a bouncy interview hosted by Nick D and DJ Borderbreaks (founder of the Masia League) we tack through Masia's world music and globe trotting adventures.

You sleepin' on this Asian MC? Who you know with song credits working with the likes of Dr. Dre, RZA, Pharrell?

Of Singaporean origins, Masia's accomplished, and it was a pleasure to speak with her and hear her recount this unique musical journey to date. From the humble beginnings of her Hip Hop career in Toronto and Montreal, Canada, to the bright lights of LA, the island of Jamaica, and then full circle to her roots in Asia. It's an ongoing story of Odysseus proportions. We squeeze as much out of her as an hour plus will allow! Check her new music interludes sandwiched between the convo, and taste her current single tackling a friend's situation of sexual abuse.

We also find time to skim through other entrepreneurial endeavors of hers from Suka Suka sauce, and a newly minted record label. Masia also is the first to introduce us to the workings of music and crypto-currency! Mind blown!

If you thinkin' you doing the most think again. Masia One is a positive movement. Get wit' it!

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Song snippets featured :

Masia One - Not All that Glitters is Gold

Masia One - Warriors Tongue

Masia One - Social Distancing

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