It's always a double edged sword as you dig in deeper and realize how much talent is really dumpin' out there! 8 In The Clip is already bursting at the seams, but we have finally managed to re-introduce some Asian based talent into the mix, and for the near future it seems secure. Hip Hop ain't going no where kiddies!

The number 1 spot you ask? Al Skratch is back. Yes THAT Al Skratch, with a crazy gem produced by Large Professor! 'Be Original' sees the decorated vet kickin' swag lines with the utmost confidence like he never left. Clear reference to the unwritten rule of Hip Hop, come original, Al shows just how originoo he be with this flex. Bounce for days, and damn if that Black Moon sample ain't the perfect tie in, Originoo Gun Clap, Be Original, Yadadamean'?! Oh Large Pro, this beat, this beat. This beat make you act a fool when it on G! 

Check 8 In The Clip. EP.9 here!
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Tell ya this playlist was pretty easy to put together as music just started comin'. Everyone blessed it with a banger from Jadakiss, Funk Flex, Murda Beatz, to Mick Jenkins and KAYTRANADA, It's dope to see INTERNET cat, Patrick Paige II force his way in with some straight Funkadelic madness conceived with cohorts, Steve Lacy, Allen Love, and Durand Bernarr in tow! This just drip dawg... Was the inclusion of FRANK LEONE featuring teardrop estates just an excuse to feature the ill artwork of RUFFMERCY? Na cat, the music is ill bouncy too, and of course it don't hurt to have the flyness of a video! 

Asians in the mix? Cousin Feo links up with Japanese producer, Bohemia Lynch for an ill project, taking his football-centric subject matter to the Land of the Rising Sun. Let's include songstress Joyce Wrice in this here too, the half-Japanese, half-Black chanteuse kicks that R&B/Hip Hop flav nice with Freddie Gibbs ripping a guest spot! 

We also had to give more love to great projects with another heater from the DJ Muggs X Rome Streetz gem, this one featuring Knowledge The Pirate. Check the extras too with more music from Hong Kong, and India! Shxts thick!

1) Be Original - Al Skratch X Large Professor 

2) Damn Shame - Funk Flex X Jadakiss X Murda Beatz

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3) Whisper (Want My Luv) - Patrick Paige II ft. Steve Lacy, Allen Love, Durand Bernarr

4) Shoulder Wire - FRANK LEONE X teardrop estates

5) Designer Frames - Mick Jenkins prod. KAYTRANADA

6) Zig Zag Zig - DJ Muggs X Rome Streetz ft. Knowledge The Pirate

7) Nakata - Cousin Feo X Bohemia Lynch

8) On One - Joyce Wrice ft. Freddie Gibbs

Extra shots : Hello Matt(哈羅吉帝)【睡醒有你】, Nothin 2 Me - Jazz Cartier ft. Cousin Stizz, Wonderboy - Tre Ess, Pistol Whippinz - Him Lo & Giallo Point

Check 8 In The Clip. EP.9 here!

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