Chapstick and WMD covers from DNTE

Yooo... You know we partial to fly MC's wit de' cleverness! We got a two-piece special for ya'll fiends, from Toronto MC, DNTE.

One half of Falconcrest, DNTE definitely gets in his bag for the joints, 'Chapstick', and 'WMD'. Dude's flow is ice cold, rocksteady. Sounds like he rhymes with a smirk on his face. Smooth. Laugh with his self-concern in the chorus of 'Chapstick' and the numerous bars that run throughout both tracks.

His is a wordplay that's polished and spotless. To make matters worse for ya'll he also produced both these bangers and they are fully fleshed out beats. Your neck gonna hurt! 

Let the tracks speak but we gotta inform ya'll both these joints are from his upcoming full length, 'Grandizer'. Yeah the anime on the cover (Grendizer) on 'WMD' dat's him, with a twist on the the wordplay. 

Shouts out to the overall slickness and vibe of the artwork too. In collaboration with artist Trey Starks, DNTE has fully delved into the rich imagery of Japanese Anime and created some eye catchin' slickness with taste and restraint. Check Check!

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  • CHung

    That’s dope. I like your words! 🔥you guys really know it

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