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What’s happening Spitgan gang! Check out what I’ve been listening to this month!

First... let's drink! It's raining cats and dogs here, so we need a drink to chill! Today's inspiration comes from The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Of course, the drink could only be a:

Classic White Russian

One ounce Kahlúa  

Two ounces vodka

One ounce cream, milk, or half-and-half in a cocktail shaker with ice. 

Strain into a glass or serve on the rocks. 

Garnish with a sprig of mint, cinnamon stick and serve with dark chocolate, a brownie, or cookie.

“Careful Man. There’s A Beverage Here!”

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OK! On with the tunes. Grab a seat, start boozing, and get listening.

Samuke is vibing on my charts at the moment. The Kazakhstan artist always has a few tricks up the sleeve, and this atmospheric dubstep vibe, reminiscent of Burial, is just the thing we need for this SHIT weather.


Bela is next up with Guidelines, taking Nongak, a traditional form of Korean folk music, and remixing it into pulsing, splitting, and time-warping tunes that reimagine the past via deconstructed club music. This is a challenge to both tradition and modern dance music, and a DAMN COOL ONE at that.


SNEAKY SHAMELESS SELF PROMO): In a similar vein, here is my version of skewered Cantonese Opera - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ5m-2ooOpg

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Next up, Waqas Ahmed is bringing his extreme metal vibes, with some sweet synth work to add to it. Originally from Lahore, Pakistan, he now resides in Romania, and does session work all over the world. Yojimbo in Cyberspace is a DOPE track to catch.


In Hong Kong, the reinvigorated rock scene is rising in marked contrast to the sinking ship of its political environment, probably not a coincidence there. Bad Math is a band that I have no idea where the fuck has been hiding, but luckily are making some seriously cool indie tunes.


For something different, the music of Lee Moore came across my desk this month and the ridiculous 36 track "Lee Moore - A Gram Of Boogie - The Story of Lee Moore - Score Records & LM Records Memphis, 1979​-​89" is a vinyl that I want but cannot afford at US$85. Still, you can enjoy the efforts of the Arkansas native who spent the 1980s collaborating in Memphis with session musicians and vocalists from Volt and Stax Records to make futuristic boogie, soul, and funk.


In London, Batov Records has made a huge name for themselves in recent years and it's little surprise they put out tracks by Israeli artist Sababa 5 (feat. Yurika) which effortlessly blends Middle Eastern grooves with Japanese vocals and a ‘City Beat’ style. You guys are killing it!


Top photo credit : Elad Baranga and Gal Melnick

And let's not forget Batov Records’ other crazy releases with the two leading psych and surf bands in Tel Aviv, Ouzo Bazooka and RPS Surfers. Here the bands cover "I Dream of Naomi" (אני חולם על נעמי "Ani Cholem Al Naomi") by Israeli duo Hedva and David. The song won first place at the Yamaha Song Festival in Tokyo in 1970 and sold more than a million copies of its Japanese version
ナオミの夢 Naomi no Yume.


The original is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxgInZsgorU

Let's give you all a couple of experiments before I jet. The Italian label Unexplained Sounds Group has been releasing experimental music from around the world, and this Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Indonesia is super bonkers. From lowercase style minimalism to power electronics and noise rock to spiritual folk instrumentation, everything is here. The country's music scene is pretty awesome and this is no disappointment. Light up a joint and listen up bitches.


To finish, fans of psychedelic and spiritual jazz will enjoy “J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz from Japan 1969 – 1984”. It's one to really vibe on from one of the best labels in the UK – BBE.


Photo : Jaison Lin

... AND WHILE WE ARE AT IT! Check out Teruki Chan's jazz masterpiece "Seven Compositions from Sheung Shui". HONG KONG REPRAZENT! This guy is the future of Hong Kong jazz funk! Y’ALL HEARD IT HERE FIRST


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