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On your motherfxcking radar for March… 

What’s happening Spitgan gang? I’m DJ Fabsabs. Here are some of the artists I’ve been keeping an eye on to have an awesome year ahead.

New Zealand born, Hong Kong based rapper
TripleSix burst on the scene last year with his album, 'Drugs, Lust, Sex then Love'. After a powerful performance on the MTM 2020: The Real Hong Kong Cyphers #1 (Donutcorp, TripleSix, dR. X, Aspect, BMW) on YouTube, his new album is a real revelation. 

Recommended track: City Waves by TripleSix ft. Mabel Lau 

Zack Calixtus
is another Hong Kong based rapper making waves, after building buzz with well-received YouTube videos directed by Rizwan Rahman. His new album is LIT as fxck. The Nepalese Hong Kong artist has a new(ish) album, 'Gloom' out now, a crossing of soulful vibes and trap aesthetics. 

Recommended track: Chill Vibes by Zack Calixtus 

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When we talk about Hong Kong culture, many people discuss a sense of disappearance. It is apt that one of the city’s best albums from 2020 is 'Seen/Unseen' by three piece group
Vanish. Is it's blend of soft and hard sounds, what makes it so appealing?

Recommended track: Waves by Vanish 

Post rock has been hot around Asia of late, and one the best groups in Thailand are
Hope the Flowers, a project by Narongrit Ittipolnavakul. 'Warchestra' is a track that gives powerful rhythms with sweet melodies, and a depth of what Thailand’s alternative music scene has to offer.

Recommended track: Warchestra by Hope The Flowers 

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OK, this is a cheat, but I often like to check out what’s happening around the world – and having studied university in Scotland – I often keep an eye on the country’s music scene. Classic Rock is definitely the order of the day with the
Cold Years, a band from Aberdeen that ranks among my favourites of late. 

Recommended track: 31 by Cold Years 

Back in Hong Kong,
Pora is a project from the city’s amazing Zepa Records. They specialise in Canto grooves, although this is something very different with a chillwave vibe and broken-beat soul groove. The analog synths and glitchy beats with soul-soaked melodies are pure blissed out magic. Look out for more releases from Zepa Records soon, with some new projects coming up including the mysterious Frds/4eva.

Recommended track: Sugarcaine by Pora 

An artist with similar jazzy style is
Metic. The guitar virtuoso has been back in Hong Kong for the lockdown year and is blowing us away with all his chill vibes, ambient and down tempo tracks. Check out his song “Neon Hour” with DJ/producer Ed Rollo on the remix duties. It’s super chill… but…

Recommended track: Neon Hour (Ed Rollo remix):

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Perhaps the mantle of Hong Kong’s original chill artist should go to
Beat Friday. The Hong Kong based group have worked with the likes of Serrini, and this year launched their third album “Year Three”, with beautiful arrangements and vocals, particularly from the likes of singer Marstn, who sings like a freaking angel.

Recommended track: Take a Rest by Beat Friday (with Marstn)

Hong Kong hip-hop label
Greytone has been synonymous with the rapper JB, but behind the scenes are some talented producers and DJs. One of whom is Mael. With an EDM inflected dubstep vibe, check out his track with Lillian Wong that brings his up-down tempo changes and lush melancholy together stylishly. Another artist I’ve been wetting my panties for on this label is BMW – one the best canto rappers in Hong Kong, and simply getting better.

Recommended track: Ripples by MAEL X Lillian Wong 

Back to the rock for a second.
Streets of Rage are one of Hong Kong’s best live bands, interrupted slightly by this year’s pandemic, but on their way up and up with a muscular, tight rock sound. They even managed to have a live show recently, thank god. 'Spill Blood' is pretty damn good to rock out to. They are a part of a larger family of bands that include Ball of Snakes, John Travoltron, M.E.A.T.S and Bastardon. Look out for this band to go ballistic in 2021.

Recommended track: Spill Blood by Streets Of Rage 

Finally, to round it all off, another guilty pleasure with power punk band
N.Y.P.D. 南洋派對. For anyone who grew up in Hong Kong, their references to Giordano and Bossini in the likes of 美之 (Mee & Gee) are hilarious. This track is 佳佳 (Gai Gai), which explains an existential crisis, Hong Kong style. Fxck your tiramisu. And go fuck yourself this March – PSYCHE!

Recommended track: 佳佳 (Gai Gai) by N.Y.P.D. 南洋派對

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