Yo check the fly shxt son! Craig Green continues to explore his architectural compositions with Moncler. You wanna be flexin' some ultra-utilitarian, manga ideals, best be hip with homie if you ain't already. With Moncler, the underlying theme has apparently been of nature and elemental, 'a forward-looking take on clothing for the outdoors, the mountains and more generally for delving into nature.' 

Collection 5, sees a realization of modern events, our current Covid-19 world. Using light fabrics fitting for the Spring/Summer season, it is the latest installment of a triumphant design statement of high concept ideas and execution. 'The mere act of being in nature, nowadays, feels transformative: the collection celebrates this renewed freedom of connection with the elements, embracing the possibilities within the natural world to propel us forward.'

Kudos must also be extended to the visualization of this collection, with the raft construction videos a touch of fashion ultra-cool and aspiration. Dope shxt vibrating at a higher frequency. Audacious and needed. Salute Moncler. Salute Craig Green. 

SPITGAN Emporium 
STR3AK 'Supreme Court' Boyfriend Tees

Ill Graphic Tees for those who live larger than life! 


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