Andrew Wiggins, All-Star.
Must have a sweet ring to it for duder. 1st pick overall in the 2014 draft, now in his 8th year in the L, lucky number 8 baby! Remember homie was drafted by Cleveland the year of Bron's return and instantly swapped for K Love? Wow, that was a splash of cold water! It's all coming back now!
Many a Canadian die-hard, remembers at least some of his time with the T-Wolves hoping dude would fulfill his top pick potential. To be straight, by the end of his time there I had given up. Remember Jimmy Buckets straight calling out that entire team for their losing mentality. That was the last straw for me!

It was a Godsend homie went to the Warriors, and boy has it worked out! Bigger things to come this year? Hmmmm...

So 19.0 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 31 games makes you an All-Star this season?  That's a surprise hell yes! Check ya'self doe. New rules to the starter selection this year. 3 of them must be officially forwards, so the Devin Booker's etc. got shafted, so did a bunch of others come to think of it! 
Heard of the K-Pop star, BamBam? Well turns out he may have helped galvanize the vote for A-Wiggs with his massive social media following but at closer inspection the vote count consists of 50% fan vote-in, 25% press vote in, and 25% player vote in. That's a good half left to the professionals and fellow NBA colleagues, so let's dead that noise and celebrate homie on his first All-Star appearance, a starting role at that! Let's go! 

Oh fxck this came out of nowhere the other day and just flipped my lid! Benny The Butcher and J. Cole, produced by The Alchemist?! Get the fxck outta here if you ain't gonna check this! 'Johnny P's Caddy' would burn a volcano! It's the lead single for the coming full length, Tana Talk 4. Benny sets if off with the premium spit of a man knowin' a fxckin' assassin be comin' behind him. Cole don't disappoint especially the way he end the damn shiznit. Play play and play again! Hip Hop is alive! 

Who took it for you? For me Benny got this one, just on that competitive spirit of MC. Drop a comment with your opinion. 

Man today was a good day like Cube say! Haute Couture 2022 be poppin' off in Paris. You mighta seen Kanye with his new ting ting there at the Schiaparelli show, but that was a little underwhelming for me compared to his past collections. This Victor & Rolf presentation though! Whooohaaa! Bring it baby. Addams Family, freak fest bonanza! Well-done, well done boys. Check the video for the goodness. The giant sized shadows on the backdrop and soundtrack definitely added to the feels. We definitely gonna talk about this more...

Damn, you don't fxcks with the 'GAN cuz you a meek soul ya? Well if you ain't checked our online shop items you trippin'. 

Like this dope Puffa jacket set in attention grabbin' Chinese floral patterns! It's the Year of the Tiger baby go big or go home! This is a unisex look, and it comes in a full range of sizes. Check the ill colorways here and get your shop on!


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