LA Lakers Report Card. NBA Finals 2020

Well congrats mofos. Ya'll ran ramshod through these playoffs and beasted on all. Sure it was the alternating Bron and AD show, but they wouldn't have won it so easily without the likes of Caruso, Rondo, Dwight (Mofo must be over the moon! Got a ring!), C-Pope etc. 

Lebron doubters are either eating their over-inflated words or like the super-hater Skip Bayless still airing out delusional excuses of why he is not most deserved. Yo seriously get that dude off the air already. That dude need to take his meds.

On another note, shout out Commish Adam Silver for a great presentation speech summing up the trials and tribulations of The Bubble on and off the court, the NBAPA, and Chris Paul for holding a near, Covid-free playoffs. The Lakers organization, Jeanie Buss, the sensible Buss sibling that righted the ship, and Rob Pelinka/Rob Lowe with his helping hand in practice drills. All hands on board in The Bubble!

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LA Lakers Report Card. NBA Finals 2020

Alex Caruso. A

The Pestilence. This guy made the Lakers job easy. C'mon now, 3 series of 4-1? We'll get to the Monster 2 in a sec, but Friar Tuck did all the grindin' needed to help the Lake Show win a ring. He was a difficult defender, the type that just get under your skin in the playoffs. The type where you in your bag on your 3rd move of the possession and somehow he still hangin'. Boy made a gang of hustle plays that just deflate you every game. Second chance points, poke aways, man he pissed me off watching it! As if it needs disclosure, I like the players but I am not a Lakers fan. 

More of this goodness here in the Finals to cement it all. Every game he was featured like, 'we elbowed our way inside Loud, and got on...'. Caruso just seized the moment, and bumrushed the set. Goin' a hunna as soon as he set foot on the court. Also had to be respected on offense too. Hit on enough 3's and drives to keep the defense honest on him. His weight in gold was earned on the hustle though. The Pestilence, respect. I would slide into Ri-Ri's DM's and see if that love is still there Champ.

Rajon Rondo. A

Jimmy Butler ain't the only one with a perceived, 'difficult rep'. Look, homes has Celtic champion green in his blood, but I have lost track of his exploits through the years carousel rotation of teams and all. The baller showed up for the Lakers and especially this playoff run. What a luxury to have this premium ball distributor on your squad WITH LeBron. Rondo brought the culmination of his basketball savvy to this series and it was just an overwhelming 1-2 punch. Him and CCP?/CWP? ran the Heat out the gym in Game 6 remember? Rondo was a potent edition of himself on the way to his second 'Chip.

The high mark is for his role on this team which he exceeded. So that's that.

Anthony Davis. A+

Yes, competing with Lebron for the MVP award? Yo dude was having a block party this series! He got everyone's shot! Jimmy in Game 4 to seal the win. Game 6, no one walked it down the lane, they knew what was up. 

AD's run this playoffs showed me he's the best Big in the league. Sorry Jokic, this is position-less basketball, and AD is in a class of his own. This is the high watermark you gonna need to find a counter to. AD's game is complete. Yes, there is room to work but he's comin' with a tool box to everyone else's handbag. Handles, quicks, footwork, shot, post up, perimeter and interior D. Damn, the keys to the castle are waiting. 

Also, homie leveled up after that game winner in the Denver series. Confidence was on a hunna. He rode it through to his first ring! Salute Big Man.

A+ here is extra big just like dude's role on the team. He's expected to bring it EVERY night. Salute Big Man.


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Dwight Howard. B

What a story. Dude put it all on him and earned a ring. Dwight had a non-guaranteed contract this year. If he got hurt he could be cut. Belief in yourself eh? 100. The big dawg did what was needed exceptionally. Make it difficult at the rim, rebound. He brought a bad man physicality too which probably had a few cats think twice. Congrats on the Chip after a rollercoaster career. Will be an interesting next chapter.

Cantavious Caldwell-Pope. B+

I really can't say I knew much about his game before the Lakers. Those Pistons teams were dismal. The Lakers have you mostly as the corner 3 guy. 3 and D? I wouldn't say your rep is made on it. This finals? Well you earned it! Your play got surprisingly feisty on both ends. Hitting shots, oh and what shots they were. Shots that killed runs, shots that swung momentum, and they weren't just 3's either. 

Defensively you were glued to Duncan Robinson like gum to shoe soles. Effectively shutting him down most of series, especially Game 1 and 2. I think this is the person we were told existed. Note taken.

Kyle Kuzma. B-
Yo B. I wanted to drop a minus on it too (Voila!), even a C grade but I was thinking of your cumulative resume of the playoffs. There is much for you to learn about playing without the ball. Straight up you know what me thinks? You got too much Hollywood in ya boi. Check your head. 

Clearly they wanted you to be the 3rd option on this squad and many times people outshined you there. Intermittent flashes of your capabilities this series after the earlier round follies. You made it personal with Porter Jr. for some reason? Also saw Lebron freeze you out in the garbage time of Game 6 this series. Yea.

Showed an effective understanding of the cut, but I am sure your organization is disappointed, don't worry about me. Work it out son.

Frank Vogel. A

With 2 aces up your sleeve can I give you this much? Yeah no doubt. Happy as hell for you man. Loved you in Indy and thought you were a great, albeit surprise pick to coach this squad. 

At this stage the habits have been formed, and the bear just needs to be stirred. Man if you can't get up for the Finals? B... Look at these habits doe! Defensively tough, scrappy, tenacious. Made great use of his weapons, in effect a fearful war machine. 

Testament, Game 6. The Lakers came out full force, that was something to see. Don't see many people overcomin' that assertiveness. Also, rendered the Heat zone ineffective right off the bat in Game 1 when they did have full personnel. 

Congrats Coach!

Lebron James. A+

Yes, The King. Salute to this magnificence. The heart of this squad no doubt. The regular season? 80% LeBron is still deadly. Come playoff time you know how to turn it into overdrive. Hell on wheels. Dominance people. I'm too close to professional basketball, meaning I hear the noise about this and that. The noise about this man's every move is deafening. 

Where is the weakness in his game? That he prefers to pass the ball and make the right basketball play instead of taking a shot surrounded by 4 players? Garbage. That he can't shoot? C'mon now pups. When you can't stop a guy from doing whatever he wants, especially anything inside the key, you don't need to talk about that. Oh and just to talk about that for ya'll bxtch asses. What was his 3 ball accuracy for this playoffs/finals? 59% from the field, 40+% from 3? STFU.

About the Rockets series, decimated them on both ends. I love to watch this dude punish people's shots swatting them to the moon. Brody came out of that series black and blue. 

Chips go through the King. I said it before and I'll say it again.

Markieff Morris. B
Congrats Champ. Brings the physicality asked for, and hit some timely shots. I have waxed poetic enough about the squad and I just don't like you or your bro's game. Jimmy put in on you and I loved it. Nuff 'said.

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