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The Darkside. The local Hong Kong name for Kowloon. Spoken by Islanders with an equal mix of contempt and fear. There is truth to these words as stylish hoods live on the ‘real side’. Come take a look sometime. 九龍城寨,黑暗的那頭。當時的人用蔑視和恐懼的說話表現對這裡的認識。這些話是真實的,時尚生活中“真實的一面”。過來看看吧。

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On a cold night last fall we went to join the fashionable set in Shanghai to check out Ratpack’s new collection. It was an intimate affair in a quirky space complete with tub, extensive beer fridge, and ominous pitcher o’ party juice! Really it was a gathering of intimate friends, and it had a real chill vibe and flow of peeps passing through and enjoying the company. The undertone of it all was of course Ratpack’s new collection of both men’s and women’s pieces. From tailored offerings to sheered denim’s, Ratpack’s DNA is part street/sportwear, part pret-a-porter. Clearly their ardent fans and core like a healthy dose of fun in their life and a few spoons of sarcasm to boot!...

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