Selfie of designer Eleanna Katsira during Covid-19 in Athens
Photo of fashion designer, Eleanna Katsira in Athens during lockdown.
Know more of Eleanna Katsira's work.

Where are we going next? Athens, Greece to check in with accessories designer, Eleanna Katsira. She does some great work with leather and laser cutting. The first and last time we saw her was in Paris, at the Ozone Showroom. Since, we have kept up on her growth through social media, but with the global pandemic of Covid-19, we felt it was high time to check back in and see how Eleanna has been getting by.

Continuing our series 'Covid-19 Response.' We are asking our creative friends how they are holding up, but more importantly we want to speak about the future of their industries, as we look forward to beating this pandemic. Are there positives to be taken from this collective experience? What are we contributing, and how will their respective industries change?

SPITGAN : Hi Eleanna, been a long time! Tell our readers who you are, and where you are.
ELEANNA KATSIRA : My name is Eleanna Katsira, I am a fashion designer, and I live in Athens, Greece.

SPITGAN : When was the first day the Corona Virus really hit home for you?
EK : The 18th of March. When our local lockdown began.

Some photos of Eleanna's design work.

SPITGAN : How do you feel about your country's response in general and specifically to your industry?
EK : I am very proud of the way my country handled the situation. They took all the preliminary actions to ensure the number of pandemic cases remained low. However, as was expected, the industry was affected seeing how the suppliers had to close down their businesses, therefore causing a problem for the productive line.

SPITGAN : What have you been doing during this global lockdown period?
EK : I have been spending quality time with my family, finding alternative methods to exercise the body and mind, and worked on new ideas for my next collection.

SPITGAN : What's the first thing you gonna do when you can move freely?
EK : I plan to travel the Greek islands.

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Photo of model wearing STR3AK Clothing Sham Shui Po Leisure Club Wild Summer Tie Dye Cap

SPITGAN : Has the pandemic made you assess your business model? What changes will you be making?
EK : It gave me a chance to reassess and diversify the alternative ways to approach sales, both in retail and wholesale. Specifically, I believe the future lies in online selling for both retail and wholesale. From my experience, participating in various fashion weeks around the world, I have come to the realization that many buyers and shop owners have been overloaded by an oversupply of brands/designers and their work, making it very difficult to actually see and select new collections. Therefore, I believe the new trend will be online showrooms. It will allow buyers to view the new collections thoroughly, at their convenience, and in the comfort of their homes or offices.

As for the lockdown having an impact on my business sales. Yes it did. Something that was expected, seeing how people were focusing mostly on more basic need products.


SPITGAN : Has this been a productive time for you?
EK : Yes, it has given me the opportunity to work on my summer orders for my retailers.

SPITGAN : What positive changes do you envision happening to the industry or society in general? Or hope will happen?
EK : The positive changes that occurred during this very difficult time, were the people of Greece bonded more. There was much more concern and empathy for their fellow man, especially for the high risk groups.

Taking into account that everyone is being asked to be cautious and to take things slow. and the fact that pollution levels are high, perhaps the solution could be 'slow fashion'. A turn to local brands, as shipping costs will probably increase (it is said that airplane transfer prices will increase), and a turn to online selling, as i mentioned above.

Also, I don't think that the luxury market will have the same 'shopping power' as before, at least not in the next few months. People are still giving priority to basic need products.

Leather hat designed by Eleanna Katsira.

SPITGAN : We are now all on our own 'islands'. What music is getting you through?
EK : Classical and alternative rock music. For example, Beth Hart, and Evanescence

SPITGAN : What is happening in Greece now? Are they planning to re-open the
economy and country?
EK : Greece has re-opened since last week, ie. commercial stores, cafes , etc. Come next week the restaurants, bars, and gyms etc. By the end of June, the country will be completely open and ready to welcome tourists with safety.

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