Photo of Eff Yoo sippin coffee somewhere's in Peru
Photos by Eff Yoo
Interview by Nick D

New project from Eff Yoo just dropped and it was made during his Covid-19 lockdown in Peru. The Queens, NY, MC was there on vaca when shxt hit, so we took the opportunity to talk to him about this relevant experience while reviewing, 'Spicaso On Lockdown.' Keeping with our theme during the pandemic era our 'takeaways' from the EP are cut into the interview itself. 

SPITGAN : Yo Eff, so what happened?

EFF YOO : Well, unfortunately we got locked down early on in our trip (Peru vacation). It was just our third day there, so we only got to see parts of Cusco, and Machu Pichu. When the president locked down the country, he basically declared nobody could leave their home, or hotels at all except for food, or be arrested. We were locked in the hotel with just the manager and the cook, no other guests, so we were chilling the whole time. Dudes invited some friends, we played Hip Hop out the building speakers... pretty much chilled and partied the whole time. I did a daily diary on my IG live, I still have some of the videos, obviously I didn’t record any of the trouble we made, LOL.

Takeaway 1 : With the track 'Day 1' Eff Yoo immediately separates his pen from the pack. First couple lines set a vicious and real tone, 'You ain't ever blast your cannon with malice, How you gonna survive the apocalypse'. Gut check. Dope sample at the end too to drive the point home. Sarcastic as F.

Photo of ad in Peru for ceriemonies with San Pedro and Ayahuasca

Takeaway 2 : 'Cusco Cocaine' is the CUT! This joint sees Eff rock a wavy ass flow and he parlays an ill reference of Eek-A-Mouse into a humorous interlude with a black heart. Shxt had me sides doin' splits! Smash this on repeat! See the video below.

"The flow on Cusco Cocaine is like outer space hustler shxt man. I’ve always been on that wave. Trying to mix the intellect with that gangsta shxt, no bullshxt, straight raw, exactly how I am in real life." - Eff Yoo

SG : What is Cusco Cocaine?
EY : Well, I don’t know if you know, but Peru has some of the strongest cocaine on the planet. Like 94% pure shit, and Cusco was the city I was in. So I guess I’m describing the song as being that dope, that it’s like pure cocaine.

Line Break

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SG : From your limited taste of freedom, what spots you recommend in Peru?

EY : We mostly hit local mom and pop restos, honestly those are the best, the little shacks along the beach in Lima have the best ceviche I’ve ever tasted.

SG : Was it hard to get back to the US?
EY : 
We were on a list with the government to get on a humanitarian flight for the entire 17 days, and we had to pay the US government back double what a regular flight would be. Plus since there were no taxis or cars allowed on the road we had to walk the 1.5 hours from our hotel to the airport with all our bags and shit! But fuck it we were glad to go home.

If I had my daughter with me, I probably would’ve stayed longer though. They’ve recently extended the lockdown till May 10th, so I don’t know.

Takeaway 3 : 'Culo Muerto.' You don't need a literal translation now do ya? The beat on this sound like it was pulled from a dark ass Peruvian night courtesy of Kurse. Toss the murder weapon wash the blood from your hands.

Photo of somewhere's in Peru by Eff Yoo

Takeaway 4 : 'Day 17.' You'd think Eff Yoo would be in higher spirits gettin' outta quarantine. This like a grimey 'Whom The Bell Tolls' featuring a primed Spit Gemz with a guest verse.

SG : Your thoughts on the broader outlook in this pandemic. 
How is the profession of a musician gonna change now with touring almost outta the question?
EY : 
Shxt man, myself and my team had a lot of shows planned to promote what we’re doing, and all that is dead, I think the music might turn more into branding and collab'ing with brands for online cross promotion. For example, doing shows online, sponsored by “X” brand, you feel me?

SG : I see. People doing a lot of 'Live' right now. It’s competitive for attention...
EY : Oh yeah, the 'Live's' gotta get more creative I think. We’re thinking maybe do an actual live steam of a show as if we were on stage at a pub or concert, with finding a way to get a company to pay for sponsorship, you know?

SG : Person you would like to work with not from the Hip Hop circle?
EY : I’d like to work with Mylo The Cat, who makes some dope animated videos. Flyelyfe, a dope artist from NY. There’s a dope designer named Jonathan Influential who makes super dope pieces, and I definitely fxcks with what you guys are doing, the visuals and the pieces.

Takeaway 5 : This project is ill short, but it's brevity doesn't mean it lacks punch. There's a lotta dope in these cuts and it's an enjoyable listen. It serves it's purpose to fiend for more from Eff Yoo.

SG : You a Lo Life right?
EY : FactsNormally around this time we’d all be linking up having Polo battles and shxt, but everyone’s stuck at home.

Purchase/Stream the project 'Spicaso On Lockdown' here : 

'Cusco Cocaine' by Eff Yoo. Check the fly shxt : 

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