Patrick wears STR3AK Clothing tie dye cap available in our shop, workerman's jacket, and black cords from Uniqlo, and Moma X Vans shoes.

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SPITGAN: Patrick you a sporty guy right? What do you enjoy most?
Patrick Leung: Yes, I am. Swimming and running are my favorites. I pretty much give the same output to these sports. I usually run for 10KM, and swim for an hour. Both give me the results I seek after sports.

If you want me to chose one from these, I would say swimming. I like summertime and kicking back at the beach. When you are at the beach, it means you under perfect weather. The sun is shining, giving you prefect skin tone, the sea water chills you down. Running is tougher, but there's no weather or location limitation. I can do it whenever and wherever I want.

Patrick wears STR3AK Clothing Booyah red hoodie available in our shop, black cords from Uniqlo, and Moma X Vans shoes.

SG: We met through your run club. You had built quite a community being generous with your time. Tell us about it and will it be back?

Patrick: At the beginning, just a couple of runners came together. We wanted to do it every week as a preparation for a local individual race. Then, as group of runners, enrolling an oversea race "team" just crossed everyone's mind. That's how OUtRunnerS was born. We are not professional, no brilliant race record. We just fun for fun, so we welcomed everyone interested to join, without an admission fee. OUtRunnerS' purpose is to insist on the running basics, "Warm up, Stretch, Run, Stretch, Cool down, Fitness". I believe many runners usually just go down to the street and start running. They skip all the proper procedures to start a run. So the "running basics" was made in hope that runners would join and follow, this healthy practice. I know people love this way.

I hope OUtRunnerS will come back again. We are not at an end. OUtRunnerS was host by 6 leaders at the time. 2 leaders are couple and are expecting a child. The other two leaders, their jobs required a bit more attention. One leader has needed to step back from her commitment to take care of her family. All these matters coming to a head, told us that OUtRunnerS needed a break. I reminisce on those times we designed some funny race games for everyone. It was really remarkable to all us, OUtRunnerS. Now, different points of view to Hong Kong's political environment have also caused some friction within us... Let us hope these situations are temporary for the group.

Top: Patrick wears STR3AK Clothing tie dye cap available in our shop, workerman's jacket, and black cords from Uniqlo, and Moma X Vans shoes.
Bottom: Workerman's jacket, and black cords from Uniqlo, STR3AK Clothing Wildstyle Hankerchief, and Moma X Vans shoes.

SG: Tell us about your personal style. What do you like to wear?
Patrick: I'm a kind of a straightforward person so I like to wear plain color tops or pants. Simple patterns are welcome, especially any calligraphy on an T-shirt, some of my favorite items. Written things really show the character or mood of myself. As you know, I am a biker. Leather jackets, jeans and boots, dressing like a gentleman on my bike is such a cool thing.

SG: Your wearing a lot of new STR3AK Clothing pieces. How do they feel?
Patrick: The abstract patterned, tie dye hat really amazes me. As I told you, I prefer plain colors. But with that hat, it really make me feel different. Younger (could be!!)? Looking at that photo with the STR3AK hat I felt great, and, "OH God, I'm not so bad."

Cord blazer and pants from Uniqlo.

SG: These photos, I know you a bike connoisseur, tell us about your new bike.
Patrick: Love the look, it really caught my eye. The Vespa is an Italian scooter. Old-ish, with round headlights. It debuted as a racing scooter, it has a newly built contemporary engine, and it's entire spec fulfills my wishes. I love speed. This tiny bike gives me a speedy feeling inside the city. I can't express this freedom to you. A word "Romance". This matches my personality, "Straightforward".

Top: Patrick wears STR3AK Clothing Booyah red hoodie available in our shop, black cords from Uniqlo, and Moma X Vans shoes.
Bottom: STR3AK Clothing tie dye caps, workerman's jacket, and black cords from Uniqlo, STR3AK Clothing Wildstyle Hankerchief, and Moma X Vans shoes.

SG: Say we are visiting Hong Kong. Where do you recommend?
Patrick: I would say the areas of Kwai Fong, Sham Shui Po, and Tai Wai (Sha Tin). Go camp in Sai Kung! Take a relaxing night out in Sai Kung country Park.

Kwai Fong
There are 2 shopping malls of contrasting styles established in Kwai Fong, near the MTR. One of them is a super metropolitan style and the other one looks super local. You can get an elegant restaurant in one, and also get HK snacks at the other mall. Likewise, a famous brand of fashion can be found in one mall or cross the bridge to get some local styles with happy prices. All HKgers like to shop!

Sham Shui Po
It's developing from an old time district of single garment businesses to multi-faceted recreation area. What attracts are the new cafes, leather/garment stores, auto garages, music vinyl stores, all run by youths. They have invested the area with a new look. It's impressive. I believe there is still way more to be developed.

Tai Wai
To me, the whole area is a food court. Tasty Tasty.

Cord blazer and pants from Uniqlo, and belt from Ermenegildo Zegna.

SG: What makes Hong Kong great?

Patrick: HKgers have to give a chance to HK designers' products. People like me have to have an open mind to try new products from local designers. I mean it in any business. During the protests against government in recent months, many  people created propaganda with their talents that shocked the population. I believe a lot of people are just striving to realize their dreams. Look at Sham Shui Po, you really feel this way. Old school stuff giving way to new styles. As I mentioned before, the cafes, leather cowhide stores, music vinyl spots etc., I see motivation there.

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