8 IN THE CLIP. EPISODE 1. OCT. 19, 2020

Yes it's been a hot sec with consistent music postings by us, too long. So while the DNA will always be Hip Hop we decided to use our unique position in Hong Kong to bring you a mix of the best of what comes across our ears in music both Far East and West. 

8 In The Clip will be a meagre selection of the cream of the crop, or the heat of recent memory. We will try to find a consistency with this section, for now you can expect it to be a bi-monthly jam. 

If you feel you got something we should be listening to send it through to us curious cats : whatyouwant@gmail.com

For the first episode we highlight the outstanding project from DITC producer Buckwild, Hong Kong recording artists Mouse FX and Retox'D, and the P-funk infused sounds of Taiwanese artist DJ Didilong. Make sure to check for standouts from Napoleon Da Legend X Ro Data, SPITGAN fav's DNTE and Noah-O, a new cut by M.O.P to boot! 

Run up the plays!

 1) Buckwild - Music Is My Religion

2) Mouse FX - See Jah Light

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3) Napoleon The Legend X Ro Data - Legend Of the Cyclops (ft. Chazz and DJ Chong Wizard)

4) DNTE - Milk Moustache

5) Retox'D - Personal Jesus RMX

6) Noah-O - Fukshet (Ft. Super Nike Nando)

7) Billy Danze Ft. Lil Fame (M.O.P.) - That Time (Prod. by TooBusy)

8)李英宏 aka DJ Didilong - 水哥 ft.蛋堡 Soft Lipa


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