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8 IN THE CLIP. EPISODE 3. NOV. 30, 2020

Yo this week's 8 In The Clip brings the heavyweights for the first time. The number 1 spot hands down to Billy Danze, and his new project, The Listening Session. I F's with this beginning to end. From the get as soon as the music hits, it's on. A different level of feel completely. Daz shows up on a killer track too! Yes. Daz from the Dogg Pound. File this project under Hardcore Neo-Soul.

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8 IN THE CLIP. EPISODE 1. OCT. 19, 2020

For the first episode we highlight the outstanding project from DITC producer Buckwild, Hong Kong recording artists Mouse FX and Retox'D, and the P-funk infused sounds of Taiwanese artist DJ Didilong. Make sure to check for standouts from Napoleon Da Legend X Ro Data, SPITGAN fav's DNTE and Noah-O, a new cut by M.O.P to boot! 

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