From Far East to West, 8 IN THE CLIP, our music chart of the hottest, predominantly Hip Hop music is back with a bittersweet jump off to the new year!

This month a bunch of titans jostled for position on the chart and we only found one Asian gem worthy to hang. What a gem it is though! Via our friend, DJ Borderbreaks in Shanghai (have you caught our conversations on IG Live or Youtube?), duder put us onto the Brunei Hip Hop collective DUKEGANG. The record was released earlier this year, but check their Soundcloud for the goods, surprisingly polished. Stay tuned for an interview with them on SPITGAN!

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If you don't know by now why bittersweet, well at the turn of the New Year, Hip Hop found out we lost one of our greats in MF DOOM. Rest In Peace. A beautiful post by his wife on IG, shared the news with all. Interesting how the number 1 track in this edition, I actually discovered right after I had finished the last chart. I had already slotted it into the notes, waiting to see where it would stand with time. Well you can see now. RIP to a true lyricist, shout out the dem Canadian boys for the collab, BADBADNOTGOOD. Make sure you go and listen with intent to the amazing work this man has left for us, playmode on steady.

Names rounding out this EP ain't no slouch. Check for ill B-Sides from both Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and Eminem. Dipset, DNTE, Infitada Beats, Rim Da Villin, Rustee Juxx, Willie The Kid, and Evidence! Big sounds!

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1) The Chocolate Conquistadors - BADBADNOTGOOD & MF DOOM
2) Tyler Herro - Lil Wayne feat. Big Sean

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3) KITH/New York Knicks Freestyle - Dipset

4) Gnat - Eminem

5) Ski Geometry - DNTE Prod. Intifada Beats

6) FELEPIO - Rim Da Villin ft. Rustee Juxx

7) Willie The Kid - Egregious Prod. Evidence


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