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8 IN THE CLIP. EPISODE 3. NOV. 30, 2020

Yo this week's 8 In The Clip brings the heavyweights for the first time. The number 1 spot hands down to Billy Danze, and his new project, The Listening Session. I F's with this beginning to end. From the get as soon as the music hits, it's on. A different level of feel completely. Daz shows up on a killer track too! Yes. Daz from the Dogg Pound. File this project under Hardcore Neo-Soul.

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8 IN THE CLIP. EPISODE 2. NOV. 10, 2020

Contributions from Hong Kong include a remix of YoungQueenz, Last Freedom by posse member, GrymeMan, and the debut of electric outfit, Retox'D, new track, 'Beast Mode'! Ladies representin' lovely on this week's chart with contributions by Vel the Wonder, Koffee, and Rapsody. Takin' the Number 1 spot is a standout track from a standout project, 'Honest Living\Crooked Killing' by Zilla Rocha and Chong Wizard. 

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We running out of superlatives to describe Didon, but this verse is an exceptional chapter to his oeuvre of work. He coulda spit his first 4 bars and I woulda been satisfied, but dawg comes with a beast of a verse! It's a vibrant visual picture that starts in the deep end. Homeboy is on the receptor superhighway takin' no pit stops. This be like looking out the whip and seeing the illest scenery roll past. NiCE Supreme and JLVSN ridin' shotgun on this one!

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