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Hello friends, it’s DJ Fabsabs here back with my favourite bands of the moment. As always, we need a drink to get going! This month, I’ve been digging some awesome tunes from my home city of Hong Kong. So we better drink something local:

Hong Kong-style spiked milk tea 

If you live in this city, you know that this drink is THE SHIT. It’s also really easy to make:

  • 1 bag English Breakfast tea
  • 1 bag Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea
  • 1 bags Earl Grey tea
  • 300 ml (10 fl oz) Black & White evaporated milk (other brands are also OK)
  • Sugar to taste
  • Vodka (as much as you want!)
  • Optional cognac 
  • Ice 

You want to brew that tea nice and strong for like 20 minutes. If you are extra picky, strain from height or through a panty hose (for real!), that will bring out more tannins. You need to have one part evaporated milk to three parts tea.  Add the milk to a cup first and then top up with tea. Then add sugar to taste. Let that cool a bit, then line up some ice in a cocktail shaker. When the tea is not too hot, pour over ice, add as much ice cold vodka as you like and voila! Get tipsy mofos.

Optional for real wasters – add one shot Cognac

Now to the music!

Top : Katana // Bottom : Franklin Telescope (credit : 
Vic Shing @Musicsurveillance)

Katana is a Vancouver-based artist from Hong Kong with the good vibes. I’m kind of psyched to find her out because she is the type of underground artist that gives you the chills and makes you want to dig music forever. Her song Fender Player offers something between funk, jazz, electro and bass music. Speaking of funk, Franklin Telescope brings some fire with high tempos and rock music – think Jamiroquai, acid-jazz, soul-funk and more. Lots of party jams here!

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Top : LK-072 // Bottom : Delta T

LK-072 have been steadily climbing up the popularity ladders since their Doja Cat cover “
告訴我SaySo ft. lee3gou (cantonese cover)” caught fire. It’s been in a sure win track in the clubs I play in, and I’m enjoying the new track “誰令我心痴” (who made me love crazy – possibly a shit translation) which goes full 80s/90s Canto disco on us. It’s pretty Anita Mui, and that’s a damn good thing. And for fine measure I’ve thrown in another Canto disco revival artist Delta T, with the insanely catchy 寂寞的雪糕 (Lonely Disco).

Photo of Yusobeit

Major disclaimer here, I love punk, nu-metal and 00s music, so I included this: MEØWMEØW – ASHES. First of all, the name is awesome (like if your pet cat was Scandinavian and had a band), and it’s just a jam that makes me think of Blink 182, Papa Roach et al… and that shit is back in trend haha… If you like something with a math rock/shoegaze vibe (think Science Noodles, Elephant Gym or GDJYB) give Yusobeit a whirl, which mixes chill and the sophisticated breakdowns that math rock fans will expect. 

Photo of The Paisley Daze

Readers of this blog will have picked up on some Punjabi Hong Kong vibes in previous posts – the rapper Govi Dhaliwal comes to mind, but a new song is in my ears this month - Blossom by The Paisley Daze. The production from these young Punjabi brothers is really artistic, with effortless pop hooks, great dancy energy and just a vibe. 

Top : Mr Koo (credit : Lapyin Brooks) // Midde : Shumking Mansion // Bottom : Olivier Cong

I’m off to drink, so let’s round this off. The recent Cheung Chau Wave festival of arts, film and music was not only an amazing event but also the chance to reconnect and see some amazing local bands. Mr Koo delivered a wonderful performance of surf-rock and folk jams; Shumking Mansion effused energy, fun, funk and joy; and finally a mention to the talented composer Olivier Cong with his moving performance of songs including music from Benson Koo’s indie movie:
Take Us To The Island.

While we are on the subject of soundtracks, here is a classic piece of Hong Kong cinematic history - MADE IN HONG KONG
香港製造 – Original Soundtrack by Lam Wah Chuen is on Bandcamp. Do yourself a favour and support it.

Ciao folks x

The Playlist

  1. Katana - Fender Player
  2. Franklin Telescope - The Climber
  3. LK-072 - 誰令我心痴
  4. The Paisley Daze - Blossom
  5. Yusobeit - It's okay
  7. Delta T - Lonely Disco
  8. Mr Koo - Cold Air 
  9. Shumking Mansion - Distances
  10. Olivier Cong - 無依 Take Us To The Island – OST

BONUS: Lam Wah Chuen - MADE IN HONG KONG 香港製造 - OST

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