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Katana is a Vancouver-based artist from Hong Kong with the good vibes. I’m kind of psyched to find her out because she is the type of underground artist that gives you the chills and makes you want to dig music forever. Her song Fender Player offers something between funk, jazz, electro and bass music. Speaking of funk, Franklin Telescope brings some fire with high tempos and rock music – think Jamiroquai, acid-jazz, soul-funk and more. Lots of party jams here!

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8 IN THE CLIP. EPISODE 2. NOV. 10, 2020

Contributions from Hong Kong include a remix of YoungQueenz, Last Freedom by posse member, GrymeMan, and the debut of electric outfit, Retox'D, new track, 'Beast Mode'! Ladies representin' lovely on this week's chart with contributions by Vel the Wonder, Koffee, and Rapsody. Takin' the Number 1 spot is a standout track from a standout project, 'Honest Living\Crooked Killing' by Zilla Rocha and Chong Wizard. 

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