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What's up gang? I'm back with the freshest tunes for October. But first, we drink!

Fabsabs Sour

2 shots bourbon or Rye Whiskey (any brand you like)

200ml lemon juice

Some syrup of one's choice

Egg white of one egg

Ice, cube

A nice maraschino cherry

Put in a chilled shaker. Shake the shit out of it, cherry on top.

BOOM! Drink, now listen.

We are heading over first to the Lion City, where
Spacedays are cranking out some cool psychedelic tunes with nice melodics. "Some days we just need some space to reflect," the band says. For fans of Tame Impala, check out the track Lucy's Space Garden, rocking out in Singapore.

If ya missed the great music, do check out Hear First 6!

Top photo : Sweet John / Bottom photo : I Mean Us

At the blog, we are huge fans of Taiwanese rock.
Sweet John's "Search by a Kiss'' is winning us over with those awesome build ups and big hooks, with tonnes of layers. It's a similar story with another one of the country's cool post rock psych bands - I Mean Us. Their track "UNICODE (feat. 鳳小岳)" is blowing up.

SPITGAN Emporium 
STR3AK Supreme Court Tee

Bad ass look for those with a passion for basketball in their blood!



Top photo : TYNT / Bottom photo : Luna Is A Bep by Ching Kin Wa

Hong Kong's music scene is growing in ever more complexity with equal parts of anger adding to the fire.
TYNT's Dogeyes is complex, layered and delivers a cool rock dance crossover. Meanwhile, Luna Is A Bep has released 每當幻變時 (whenever it changes) that is giving her a more serious, polished sound and pushing her further up the echelon of artists in the city.

In Indonesia, we have been used to jamming to crazy metal, industrial, gabber, punk and more. Guitarist and singer
Oslo Ibrahim makes a change, with a soul funk disco sound on "Do You Think You Know Me?". Mark my words, Indonesia has the chops to be Asia's leading music country somewhere down the line.

While you at it, pour up anther and check out the great Asian music you might have missed, Hear First 3!

Top photo : 이수호 (Leesuho) / Bottom photo : Woo

Meanwhile, the popularity of Squid Game on Netflix has Korea on everyone's lips AGAIN. Too often, people don't pay attention to the alternative music scene. 이수호 (Leesuho) - MOM (Feat. So!YoON!) is simply one of the craziest Asian tracks to come out this year. Meanwhile, alternative Kpop is showing some mad strength with Woo's Ganggangsullae (Gyeongju & Andong) [feat. sogumm], a modern take of a traditional folk song for Jeongwol Daeboreum, the festival of the first full moon of the Lunar New Year.

The most fucked up thing is this is a tourist promotional video - I simply don't care, it's DOPE.

Now, to finish off with something a little different:
Shoeb Ahmad is punk rocker, artist, singer/composer and improviser. Her track "balance" is ethereal, visceral, spacy, tribal and spiritual. From her new release, Facade.

AND THAT'S IT FOR THIS MONTH! See ya, keep a clean nose, watch the plain clothes.


Fabsabs x

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