Funeral, Lil Wayne Album Cover

Yo Lil Wayne just dropped his 13th studio album, 'Funeral', and there is some major heat on this record. 

It starts zero-to-150 mph, with successive tracks, 'Funeral', 'Mahogany', 'Mama Mia', and 'I Do It', featuring Big Sean and Lil Baby.

Other tracks definitely on repeat include, 'Ball Hard' with Lil Twist, 'Bastard (Satan's Kid)', and Wayne's World.

The album is 24 tracks, which is a beast in volume, and it's strong, held down by the magnetic character Wayne himself. Salute.

Let's get to this banga that is 'Mahogany' though! Produced by Mannie Fresh, it's a dynamic blend of both talents involved. The beat itself snaps with an energetic clap and vocal sample, and slides with crisp ticks throughout.

Wayne is supercharged on the track kickin' lines like, 'Pick up the pace when I feel too adjacent to who I'm racin', and this is gem comes in the first 4 bars. 

Check this track below and the album stream here. Certifiable head-nod shxt!

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