Portrait of Waxman Brothers in Covid-19 lockdown

We felt compelled to find out how creatives around the world are dealing with the Coronavirus. The news can be daunting to watch as you see the wave hit each country consecutively. Some decimated more than most. Many creatives we know are up-and-coming enterprises who have been forced into a huge paradigm shift in these days and times. What better way to check in on our friends as well, by asking them a few questions! Not only concerning now, in this present predicament, but their thoughts and hopes towards the future. Are there positives to be taken from this collective experience? What are we contributing?

First up in this series is Nicolò Talignani, co-founder of the Italian brand, Waxman Brothers. If you aren't familiar with them, they are a great brand that makes colorful, graphic patterned clothing inspired by African cultures. The cutting can be tailored or street, and their backbone is a shared appreciation for fashion and music just like us! 

Northern Italy, Milan was one of the hardest hit regions in the world. Reporting from ground zero below.

SPITGAN.COM : Nicolò are you good? When was the first day the Coronavirus really hit home for you?

Nicolò Talignani : We have been home since March 9th, in Parma, Italy.

SG : How do you feel about your country's response in general and specifically to your industry?
NT : Here in Italy we have been seriously hit by this pandemic since the very beginning, just after China. Our country reacted with strict lockdown measures from the start. We have been forced to stay at home with very little freedom.

The fashion market has been really affected. Store are closed, sales campaigns and also the production (of garments) have been affected from this situation. We now hope to be on time to deliver the last sales campaign.

SG : What have you been doing during this global lockdown period?
NT : I stayed at home and worked from home. I have focused on 2 things. Re-structuring the process in my company, the website, next collection, and store. 

The second, trying to do something for the people and specifically for the hospitals of our city. We made t-shirts for the doctors of Parma, and Milan to show them our gratitude, and to bring some color to the hospitals. These are the shirts.

Photo of shirts given by Waxman Brothers in support of doctors in Parma and Milan for Covid-19 efforts

We also launched a fundraising campaign, called WAX FOR BROTHERS. We have donated 50 t-shirts and 50 sweatshirts. The revenue has been directly given to the Parma hospital. We have created a specific website for it:

SG : What's the first thing you gonna do when you can move freely?
NT : Drink a glass of wine with my friends and travel, travel and travel!

SG : Has the pandemic made you assess your business model? What changes will you be making?
NT : Not really. We have more or less the same structure.

SG : What positive changes do you envision happening to the industry or society in general? Or hope will happen?
NT : Hard to say. I honestly hope for a change, but I still have to figure out what kind of change.

SG : We are now all on our own 'islands'. What music is getting you through?
NT : I am really listening every kind of music in this period. Everyday I change the genre, and it is really up to my mood. From classical music, to Hip Hop, passing through Italian Pop music, and revival. I have had the time to explore and to re-discover old songs from my adolescence.

Are you in the fashion field? How have you been affected? What are you hoping will change for the better when we get through this pandemic? Leave us a comment!

Portrait of Waxman Brothers in clothing warehouse, Parma

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