12 beautiful sunsets of Paris, photographed by Veronique Zucca during Covid-19 lockdown
Sunsets of Paris, photographed by Veronique Zucca during Covid-19 lockdown
Have a look at Véronique's great portfolio of work :

We had the pleasure to meet and work with Mlle Véronique Zucca in Hong Kong a few years back. Since, she has joined us on the other side of the aisle, from brand marketing to advertising creative. We felt it was high time to see how she was doing, and what was happening in the fashion capital of Paris! Oh and by the way, do have a look at her website for some great quality fashion films! Girl has been busy!

Continuing our series 'Covid-19 Response.' We are asking our creative friends how they are holding up, but more importantly we want to speak about the future of their industries, as we look forward to beating this pandemic. Are there positives to be taken from this collective experience? What are we contributing, and how will their respective industries change?

SPITGAN : When was the first day the Corona Virus really hit home for you?
Véronique Zucca : I remember we started talking about Corona Virus during Paris Fashion Week, end of February. The virus arrived in Milano, Italy, just one week earlier when all the ‘fash pack’ was there, so there was a risk that the virus would travel to Paris from Milano… We were working on some fashion shows, filming backstages and runways, and I remember that people where hesitating to take the threat seriously or not…. Fashion likes lightness and no one wanted to spoil the party…

Two weeks later, President Macron announced the lockdown would start on March 17th, at noon. It’s now been about 2 weeks, we can go out for more than 1 hour and further than 1km from our home without any authorization. It’s quite a relief even if we know that nothing is certain…

SPITGAN : How do you feel about your country's response in general, and specifically to your industry?
VZ : I think the answer was quite appropriate, the government has set up various exceptional measures to support companies. Now, something has to be done to help the medical staff that have shown so much commitment, and have managed to address this historic health crisis.

Regarding my industry (advertising film) I’m not aware of any particular measure.

Masks for everyone, Paris.

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SPITGAN : What have you been doing during this global lockdown period?

VZ : As it was impossible to shoot, my partner and I took advantage of the situation to work on some stuff we usually do not have enough time to focus on… We revamped our website, we took online classes to acquire new skills, and we finalized the application file for a Sustainability Label (that we are proud to say we obtained), etc…

SPITGAN : What's the first thing you gonna do when you can move freely?
VZ : The 1st thing I did when we were allowed to go out further than 1km, 2 weeks ago, was take a bike ride with my boyfriend to Le Bois de Vincennes – a wooded area on the Paris border – I was in desperate need of Nature !!

When we’ll be allowed to travel further than 100km I’ll definitly visit my family. It’s been almost 4 months that I haven’t seen them. Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to the re-opening  of restaurants, bars and cafés!!!

SPITGAN : Has the pandemic made you assess your business model? What changes will you be making?
VZ : The Covid-19 crisis has shown us how fragile we are and how important it is to take care of our planet. We’ll pay attention more than ever to the impact we have on Nature through our business. This is something that was already very important for us. Sustainable criteria will be one of the most important to take in account for us moving forward.

Veronique's neighborhood in Paris on a sunny day.
Véronique's neighborhood in Paris.

SPITGAN : What positive changes do you envision happening to the industry or society in general? Or hope will happen?

VZ : My background is in the fashion industry and today most of my clients are from the fashion, luxury, and beauty industry. I deeply hope that this industry will find the way to reduce its carbon print and impact on the environment. In the last few years we’ve been able to see the rise of some great initiatives. Most of them come from independent labels and designers like Marine Serre. Now it’s great to hear some new voices, more ‘traditionnal’ ones, entering the debate : Giorgio Armani, Jean Touitou from APC, Dries Van Noten…, they are all calling for a change in the industry to make it more humanized and sustainable. I hope they will be heard!

SPITGAN : We are now all on our own 'islands'. What music is getting you through?
VZ : I’m lucky to have a « personnal DJ » at home as my boyfriend is a music lover. We’ve listened a lot to a Michel Gaubert’s mixes (, to some Brazilian and African music, some jazz and a mix by DJ Chloé ( Very eclectic as you can see!

Are you in the fashion field? How have you been affected? What are you hoping will change for the better when we get through this pandemic? Leave us a comment we would love to hear from you!



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