Jodie wears STR3AK Plush Crop Top and XL Hoop earrings from Ame Accessories Republic.

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We could see by our friend Jodie's social media activity she was up to a lot. To finally get a chance to interview her about her entrepreneurial life we were blown away by the immensity of the whole story! Making her passions her career, is truly a commendable pursuit. One that we have chosen as well! 

SPITGAN: Hi Jodie. Please introduce yourself to our readers. What do you do?
Jodie Chan: Hi! I am the Founder/Scent Creator of ESSCENTRIC, a holistic aromatherapist, a reiki practitioner, a Bach flower remedies registered practitioner, and a barre instructor. None of these identities were mapped out in my life plan 5 years ago, until I start my own brand, but coincidentally they are all products of my passion, intuition, and eccentricity. It's an embodiment of grace and spiritual awakening in myself. A living proof of the well-being and healing powers of my eclectic scents.

Jodie wears STR3AK Plush Crop Top, STR3AK Girls Gym Shorts, and XL Hoop earrings from Ame Accessories Republic

SPITGAN: What inspires you to create?
Jodie: Anything at any moment can inspire me. Most of time it's through my intuitive feelings which lead to my creations. I do love to use my scents to connect with other senses as well, as in the 5 senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste), it is important for us as humans.

SPITGAN: What makes Hong Kong great?
Jodie: Hong Kong is mixed with different cultures, and people that make it always exciting and energizing. Anything is possible to happen here! 

SPITGAN: Who is a person from Hong Kong you admire?
Jodie: Wow, I have lot of people I admire. I always appreciate the people around me, no matter if they are famous, friends, or family. Each person has greatness for me to learn from.

Jodie wears STR3AK Plush Crop Top, and XL Hoop earrings from Ame Accessories Republic. Pants are her own.

SPITGAN: Can you tell us about the challenges and rewards about being your own boss?
Jodie: The challenging part is it is quite a lonesome pursuit. The mindset must be strong to stay focused and on course. The decision making and problem solving is also mine alone. That’s why I have to stay calm and keep my faith!
The rewarding part is when receive great customer feedback and they understand our products and their meaning. This is most satisfying moment!

SPITGAN: What words of advice do you have for those looking to become entrepreneurs?
Jodie: Stay passionate in what you are doing, otherwise it will be difficult to keep your business. Also you have to love your job! Be strong in mindset, and never giving up! Motivation is needed all the time to learn new things and modify your business to fit for market too. Always keep open mind!

Jodie wears STR3AK Plush Crop Top matched with her own pants.

SPITGAN: Where might we find you on a good day in HK?
Jodie: Just chillin' out at beach like Repulse Bay or spending my day in island like Lamma Island. Simple!

SPITGAN: What does it mean to #LiveFierce?
Jodie: “Go with the flow.” Do what you want to with no regrets!! Life is short, why not to choose an exciting way to live, right?

Jodie wears STR3AK Plush Crop Top, STR3AK Girls Gym Shorts, Groovy Sunnies and Chunky Ceramic Chain from Ame Accessories Republic.

SPITGAN: Where can we find out more about you and what you do?

Jodie: For my own business ESSCENTRIC you can check out or Instagram (esscentric_hk) / Facebook (esscentric). It's an aromatherapeutic perfumery with wellbeing products like home scents, and personal care products. We also provide different workshops.

For the healing part, you can find us on Instagram (esscentric_lifestyle). It's aim is for physical and mental health care. We provide private consultation by using Bach flower remedies, Reiki, or other spiritual ways.

For workouts, find me for a fun Barre class at @BarreFormula. It's mixing ballet/yoga/pilates movements to help strengthen, and provide flexibility, stability, and lengthening of our bodies! Cheers.

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