Damn time flies! Gung Hei Fat Choi. Happy Year Of The Ox! To prosperity and health and kickin' this Covid muthafxcka da fxcks out! Hold it down bothers and sisters we are close don't be catchin' the buggery now!

8 In The Clip EP. 8 is upon us and this Far East meets West chart was an enjoyable curation. While in some circles No. 1 was pretty much a lock, I was invigorated to find it strong competition, though again I couldn't front on a bomb album over a single! Yes yes that's right! I make the damn rules here! 'If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed', Conway The Machine X Big Ghost LTD straight snatched this one outta my hand before I could even present it!

How many official Conway projects a calendar year/per year. Duder is truly a machine of the Skynet ilk. Like Damn Homie, no chill... bars on bars, steady flow. While I went to focus on the guest spots, which I thought were fresh, Ransom, Rome Streetz, Knowledge The Pirate, and Shots, the solo joints on here do not play the background. Conway on some steady inclining, effortless grimey shxt. A nasty gutta that keeps givin'? I jest. Get you some prime rib, ripped from bone 'ere.

Big Ghost Ltd. on the boards provides the ill atmospheric, appropriately dark, and boom bap, but I really dig the drunken two step flav on 'Sons Of Kings' just to spray a bottle of Henny on the whole celebration! Been checkin' dude since, 'Van Ghost' with Ankle John. Go check that masterpiece! But wait, if he be the infamous god clap of sarcastic chuckles, wit' that blog famous for Drakery reviews, then I been a fan from foreva! Peace.

Check out 8 In The Clip. EP 7!
And if you feel you have contributions for consideration email us : whatyouwant@spitgan.com

Oh shit sorry, that shit went on blast for a hot sec! LOL. Far East contributions? Does 'Crushed Velvet' from DJ Preservation count? Sourced and produced by the man in Hong Kong from his new instrumental album, 'Four Bye Four'. 

Some of my go-to favs bringin' hellation on this chart too with Left Lane Didon, Tommy Guerrero (Hell Yeah!), and Tha God Fahim jamming up in the top half. Also check for no shorts contributions from Chris Crack, U.G.L.Y. Boy Modeling, The Roots and Qwazaar & Batsauce. Check our IG for individual track Big Ups as we gotta get to the music!

Damn does the giving even stop? Extras this month include new music from Syd, Bobby Sessions, Megan The Stallion, General Steele, and Es-k. The link-ups to the music at the bottom. BOOM!

1) If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed - Conway The Machine X Big Ghost Ltd

2) Rise Of The Earth People - Tommy Guerrero

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3) D. B. Cooper - Left Lane Didon Prod. by Tha God Fahim

4) Future Of The Game - Tha God Fahim Prod. by Evolution Beknown

5) Flip Phone Hangup - Chris Crack ft. U.G.L.Y. Boy Modeling

6) Crushed Velvet - DJ Preservation 

7) Cloud Pour - Qwazaar & Batsauce

8) Lazy Afternoon (Alternate Version) - The Roots

Extra dope worth pushing : Missing Out - Syd, I'm A King - Bobby Sessions ft. Megan The Stallion, James Bond - General Steele X Es-K.

Check out 8 In The Clip. EP 7!

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