Cover of Grandizer LP by DNTE

Since we in the Pandemic era here are 5 takeaways from DNTE's album. An album you must get on 'bub.

1) Completely self produced and written by DNTE who got one of the slickest flows in the game. 

2) 'Orion Quest' the lead off track to the project starts you off at the mountain summit as far as I am concerned. The flute sample over this bass heavy track is ill. It sees an energized DNTE spittin' fire all ova this bxtch. Repetitive plays for real.

Check an interview with DNTE for the Grandizer LP on

3) 'SNKRBOX' ft. Wyze Wonda rock a nice switch up for each MC and the dope Raekwon sample ain't to be fxcked wit. 'Toledo Panic Button' resin also sticks in the mind.

3B) Shots out to Wyze Wonda for reppin' nice on his multiple features on the project.

4) 'Chapstick' you already know. See here for a refresher. 

5) One thing I felt went missing was more adventurism in this LP like, 'Crystal Pianos', but that was a much bigger project. DNTE is a versatile MF, and I look forward to get more of that exploration in the future. 'The Winston Cocktail' coulda been a hidden track here, I wouldn't mind! 

Purchase. Run up the numbers on this goodness :

Check the music video for 'Danguard/AceSNKRBOX ft. Wyze Wonda :

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