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kd kicksWell I wasn't going bananas about the latest KD, but when dude broke out these Presto/Off white inspired jams, I lost my cool. Way to do it. I also hear the Pelicans crushed 'dem (laughs short lived).

harden kicksNew Harden's look like they coulda come from outer space or the Y-3 design studio. Minimal, clean, can't wait to see other colorways besides this Cam'ron pimp. 

gabriel reeboksOooh one of the gems I'm gonna grab soon! These Reebok Iverson lows are sick! How clean are these! AI got shafted in the sneaker game back in the day.  FIYAAAH!! Check around these are a great deal. 5% royalty check my way Reebok. 

andrew wiggins peak kicksAndrew Wiggins celebrating Ring Night with these dope Peak signatures. Dig it all over. China brands holdin' weight in the NBA. Word.

klay anta cold blooded sneakersAnta's entry on Captain Klay's feet, played up the gold for Ring Night. Also fresh with the splatter paint texture. Extra points for 'Cold Blooded' etched on the shoe.

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