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kelly oubre jr converse kicks
Kelly Oubre Jr. on our radar with these sweet Converse joints. Colorway and hand painted logo really make these standout. Dig the contrast colors to the Hornets unis. 

russ jordan kicks
What iteration of the Russ J's are we on now? I will find out for ya...hmmm. these look like 3's. The acid twist on the purple and gold colorway here are very nice. 

luka jordans
Deez the Luka 1's? Why yes they are! Couldn't run this shoe name through the Hip Hop name generator or nothin for extra spice, Nike? Cool flav, research has shared other colorways preferable to my personal taste. The silhouette is on point.  

These some Dame joints of yesteryear in a mesh material? Evan Mobley 'bout to knock someone the F' out for steppin' on these clean joints. Buggin' how big and tall cats can rock kicks like these to play. These would end my playing career.

dame adidas kicks
Dame 8 joints on Dolla's feet. Clean. Supersonics colorway a subtle message? Word up.

malik monk kobes
Love the many colorways of this Kobe ballers are wearing in the L. These Baby blue on navy joints are the fit by Malik Monk on opening night!

tatum jordan 37s
Some how be really feelin' these joints. Jordan 37's on Tatum in a PE colorway and pattern. Looking like some concrete or urban jungle type thematic. 

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