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Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons sat with his friends all last year.

Haha. I've lost all respect. This fiasco. I only add you to this article for pride's sake, to have a complete and thorough list of who's bizack. Man just looking at this fool brings my high down. Remember that wack ass practice in Philly? Can't unsee it. 

Box Office : (10) Ben is a box office 10 cuz even his damn misses and reluctance to shoot are entertainment! This boy, the non-story is the story. F this ish. To waste talent like that, bitch and mope around on media feeds? Get the F. outta here! Like back to Oz outta here. Respect the craft dun... Damn, went to a space there. This guy is an NBA tabloid, and the outfits goofy. Let's get back to basketball, back on the court where it counts.

Team Necessity : (9) You ain't even given the Nets one minute of playing time last year! Then ixnayed a hero's welcome to compete in the playoffs. Last year was some sucka shxt to the Maximum. You know I ain't really down on boy for his limitations, dude's can learn to shoot. Mike got better. Lonzo has completely reworked his shot. The wackness here is the refusal to compete 'cuz dudes be callin' you out. Hey hint, best way to shut 'em up is to play. An imposing All-World defender, and pass-first guy is wanted on almost any squad, but none of these skills can be put to use in street clothes. You and AD, rock paper scissors for the nickname on 3... Would you help the Nets a the ring chase? Yes. Stop volunteering to be the but of my jokes.  

Career : (10+) Should Ben Simmons have been #1 on this list? You are testicular cancer right now G. Can you even step in Philly? You need to prove something, anything! You are playable will be a start. 

SPITGAN Expectation : I am expecting to laugh, to laugh hard. I am wondering when this will all implode and you will be a central figure. Really a Ben Simmons does not occupy real estate in this basketball savant's mind. 

Joe Harris
I'm Joe Harris and I can shoot the rock!

What a wild year it was in Brooklyn. If you looked beyond the soap opera. Joe Harris was a real loss to the squad. Says a lot on this squad to just have your head on right and be grounded. A floor spacer and sharp shooter to boot? Yeah, much needed.

Box Office : (7) Joe got some moves and I am warming to guys who can steady rain buckets in the modern NBA. You catch Joe once in a blue moon on highlight reels for a shot, a nice dish, or being on the wrong end of a highlight tryna help on D. Can't fault the effort!

Team Necessity : (10) What is the saying these days? Can't have enough shooting? Well Joe Harris is a world class shooter plus. Joey brings a report card of intangibles, intelligence, ball movement, and commendable effort on D. The Nets' wish list of needs requires a healthy Joe Harris.

Career : (8) Stay healthy, return to form. Get outta Dodge? If the Nets soap opera is renewed for a Season 2, who the hell wants to be associated with that mess? 

SPITGAN Expectation : Will show the Nets what they missed last year. Will provide reliability the the Jekyll and Hyde show. NBA 3 point champ 2023?

Collin Sexton
Was Collin Sexton's rat tail also involved in the trade with the Jazz?

The strange case of Collin Sexton. Person non-grata in Cleveland? Dude had a big year the year Garland was out, but now doesn't seem to figure into their future plans? 

Box Office : (8) Exciting playing style, check. Some flashy speed and handles but nowadays there are a glut of combo guards that provide this level of entertainment in the L. I do not know too many die hard fans of Collin yet but he has a golden opportunity in Utah to make some new ones.

Team Necessity : (6) A low six. Really doesn't seem wanted by the Cavs. Too much like Garland? You can only have one. Also Ricky Rubio is back in the mix? Seems like a better option on paper to start, a dude that doesn't need to get his shot off. Can't see why he wouldn't be a good option off the bench if falling out of favor but then the Cav's are a team I am just finding a taste for. I don't know much.

Post Trade Necessity : (8) To go to guy on Utah is up for grabs, and I would give Mr. Insta-offense a shooter's chance for sure! Is Collin a piece to build around? All eyes on you this season dawg.

Career : (8) Seems like a rep floating around the boi. Ball dominant is a good euphemism here. Might need to show more of a well rounded game? Plus Collin Sexton and defense are words I have never heard in a sentence together. 

SPITGAN Expectation : Could be a dude on the move? Yes. Moved. Utah. Under a rookie coach, Collin has every opportunity to flourish. Proving mofo's wrong is a big motivation. Fantasy owners could be circling...

Ricky Rubio
Ricky Rubio back with the good hair!

Forgot about Rubz! This list is a lot longer than I expected. Was this was an exceptional year for people getting hurt of an outlier?

Box Office : (9) Give homie a generous 9 here. There are some perks now cuz Ricky, 'The Baby-Faced Assassin' is now a vet (the Player's Union intervened and demanded a minimum). Flashy no look passes have always been the Rubio bag and it makes for high entertainment. It ain't a reach, and sometimes he's on the receiving end of some nasty moves at his expense. All things considered, the complete package sees him make periodic appearances in this category. 

Team Necessity : (8) Is the man a starter on this squad? Now with the trade for Donavan Mitchell, that would be an emphatic, No. Fits well with his unselfish, passer instincts. Ricky's been around in this league and is an adaptable fit. The court vision and pace with the pass may be his best assets here. 

Career : (10) Rubio's been moved around a lot, a journeyman now. For realz, is he gonna need to show he still got it to stick in the league somewhere's which is a harsh perception but it's the reality of the L. Many hungry cats wanting spots, and GM's are always infatuated with the next new thing. 

SPITGAN Expectation : Healthy season, Cavs are on the up with an exciting, young squad. Real possibility to make the playoffs and then some this year. We are very interested to watch these cats. Young Evan Mobley gave my guy Scottie a real run for ROY, and Garland looks bonafide. (This was mostly written before the Donavan Mitchell trade. The lights will be much brighter now!)


Myles Turner

Flex Myles Turner flex!

A big Myles Turner fan here! A big Pacers fan from the PG era. Yo dude is only 26! Wow. Seems like Myles has been balling in the league for a good sec. Elite shot blocker, hustler, Myles seems always on the cusp o' greatness but never able to put it together. Maybe it's a full season of the sweetness that's needed. Last year he missed a good chunk, and there were rumors of a move to the Raps! You know I was cheering for that!

Box Office : (9) I like dudes that send shots back with authority. Some real demoralizing shxt! Myles is one of those dudes, hunts on the glass, and has a good offensive repertoire. Big man always gives a solid effort but somehow keeps it pretty low key, playing within himself. Rumble young man, rumble! 

Team Necessity : (10) Until homie gets traded the Pacers don't have any big as developed or as talented as Mr. Turner. He's been flirting on the edge of an All-Star selection for years. Truth is this, Pacers look headed to a rebuild more than any playoff picture, which despite our high scores puts him lower on this list. The bar just ain't as high right now. 

Career : (9) Myles with the injury history. Can he shake it off and play consistently? Can he make good on his All-Star potential? His shaky health reputation will need to be addressed going forward. 

SPITGAN Expectation : C'mon dawg show out. You have every opportunity to shine this year on a squad that will feature you, Haliburton and Buddy Heild. Should provide you more opportunities to shoot the ball, and the middle is yours with fellow twin tower, Jr. Sabonis gone. 

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