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Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker gotta bring back the hockey game. Put 'em on skates!

Now with the Pistons from an off season trade, the fairytale of Kemba playing in a Knicks uniform didn't pan out. Remember Kemba was an All-Star not too long ago, and his nasty crossovers and lightning quicks were elite?

Box Office : (9) Kemba had the quicks didn't he. He had that NY game and flare that featured in highlights reels coast to coast. When he was the man in Charlotte he was hittin' his fair share of big shots too! The L still miss 100% Kemba. Heal up!

Team Necessity : (8) It would be a hella boost to have Kemba return to form for the Pistons this year. He a handful for any match up. While the Pistons surely ain't puttin' all their chips on it, he would be a weapon in their rotation.

Career : (10+) It's been a bumpy road since Kemba joined the Celtics. Things haven't panned out on the health side. That's 2 years ago. Vital to see signs homie is back this year, fingers crossed.

SPITGAN Expectations : New season, fresh hope. Wanna see this dude do well. Recovery from health setbacks is key. Meaningful minutes and a full season would do wonders for that rep.

Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas the next episode.

Similar story to Kemba's but Isaiah's further along. This undersized sparkplug still gets love from his Celtic days here! Dude was killing it until the hip injury. Isaiah's stayed true and is on an NBA roster to start the season! Heart of a champion unquestioned. Get 'em G! 

Box Office : (9) Big shot maker, clutch player in his heyday. Can he return to form? We cheering for it! Boi got the big cajones to make the tough makes come playoff time and is prime time TV!

Team Necessity : (7) Same predicament as Kemba's, but more on the upswing. Can Isaiah start producing like his old self? That would be a helluva 1-2 with Lamelo, but let's reign in the excitement of Pro-Ams and D-League eruptions for a bit. Given steady minutes through an 82 game season, will be a win here.

Career : (10) Isaiah has gone from a bunch of 10 days to a contract. A steady, productive year will do wonders, for the recognition of his return. Go broski!

SPITGAN Expectation : Bring it IT! 

Bol Bol
Bol Bol, is this the year Weapon X breaks free?

Enigma Ultra. Are on the same page here? We have all seen the viral videos where this Spiderman dribbles around the comp, pulls for 3's, and wrecks productive havoc all over the court? Is this the year Bol Bol gets some real PT?!

Box Office : (10) Bol Bol is already a fan favorite. We wanna see this freak loosed (I love the word freak, basketball and funk do as well, but others don't take to it kindly. Use sparingly with women.). Watching a sinewy talent attempt crossovers, shoot 3's, and drive like a guard is pure entertainment, and possibly a look at the near future of basketball. He's playing on Orlando, c'mon now give the kid some minutes! Always good to have an entertaining product in business no?

Team Necessity : (8) Ya'll could be the Disneyland fun park of the NBA! A team stacked with young, super-length, potential. Why not run a Jonathan Isaac, Mo Bamba, Bol Bol front court with Bol at the 3? C'mon at least for the season opener? The first quarter? You'd win the tip for sure! We need some basketball malarky here. Rook, Banchero at the 2, and Cole Anthony or 'fill in the blank dude with handles' at the 1? Let's do this. Basketball needs its new Don Nelson!

Career : (10) The only serious piece I will write about Bol Bol. It's high time dude does see the floor no? He's been mothballed (I feel) inexplicably for years on the Denver bench? He wasn't competent for what they were running there, especially with all the injuries the last few years? Am I the only one who salivated over a Jokic/Bol lineup? Serious questions from the fanbase wondering whether this cat can really play are developing the longer he sits.

SPITGAN Expectation : Break out season. Bol Bol shows value, we get to see the homie on a regular basis. Please.


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Jonathan Isaac
Jonathan Isaac this is the year to answer the who and the what.

Isaac ain't that tall, ONLY 6'11", the lankiness adds to the appearance of extra height. To say I know much about dude, I couldn't say with a straight face. Does anyone outside of friends and family watch this dismal Orlando squad? With the Vucevic trade I abandoned ship, waiting for one of their giants to stand up. I loved that the Raps drafted Scottie over Suggs (follow my Twitter for the mean tweets), but hey it's a new day in Orlando. 

Box Office : (?) Look I watch a lot of Ball, but not THAT much. Seriously, what gave you a hard on for this squad in 2021-22? Maybe seeing Suggs go for a  vengeful season fueled by the Raps not drafting him (didn't happen). The Wagner kid (You knew? Yeah right.) Let's focus on Isaac here. Dude sure looks like he could be a monster eating glass, bangin' on heads and sending shots into the upper bowl. Have I witnessed any of this? No. Please share any leads. 

Team Necessity : (9) Orlando needs anyone to show up. Banchero sayin' all the right things, and he sure wasn't duckin' no smoke playin' all summer in Vegas, and various Pro-Ams. Orlando needs everything. The world is your oyster bruv.

Career : (10) Bro has been in the L for 4 years, last year was a wash recovering from an ACL injury. All Orlando cats the last couple of years have been high picks, Isaac went 6th in 2017, and they need to start showing something soon. 

SPITGAN Expectation : Health is wealth G. Stat-wise your trending up and in the right direction, so stay on the court. Here's a toast to that!

TJ Warren

TJ Warren, a fantasy draft stash waitin' to bust!

Remember Bubble TJ Warren? Boy's numbers were like gaudy jewelry: 39.6pts over... 3 games. Hey dude made a big splash to start then fell back to Earth, and ran head on into his arch-nemesis Jimmy Buckets (you know how that game go). 

Box Office : (9) Hey homeboy was the headline story for a hot sec in 2020, so he definitely got the Super Saiyan in him. A slow recovery from a stress fracture in his foot kept him out of the entire 2021 campaign, and now dude is on the soap opera that is the Nets!

Team Necessity : (7) Great insurance piece? Gamble? Gonna go with the upside here. Drama is guaranteed on the Nets squad, Vegas won't even take my bet. Sure a 7, why not. You got a guy that could be throwin' flames and at the least offer size in a 3 and D position coming off the bench. A good look for TJ too, get his legs under him and builds the rep. Aforementioned drama may lead to unexpected playing time. Could be a real dark horse pick up for the Nets here.

Career : (8) Won't be a make or break season for dude but it would be important to show he's recovered and his game is intact. Slippage would be the worst case scenario.

SPITGAN Expectation : Stress fractures can be a persistent career affecting injury. Like the odds of homie coming off a full season of rest and giving a solid 65+ games. Besides we need the burgeoning rivalry with Jimmy Buckets to continue! Bring it. 

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