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Zion Williamson
Zion Williams aka Bam Bam with the Boom Boom.

Got to admit I didn't watch so much of Zion's first real year, nearly forgot he made All Star that year which is amaze balls. Homie averaged 27 that year, and his bully ball has transferred well into the league. Now equipped with a signature shoe and fat bag it's time to get to serious bidnizz. King Kong/Wreckin' Crew bidnizz. Glad that Ingram is still on this Pelicans squad, and with the addition of my man CJ... Wow ya'll can be make BIG noise! Ya'll nearly made the playoffs, that year you played didn't you. Plus Ingram, McCullum and co. put the voodoo on the Suns last year. With you back in the mix, and the young cats coming up, how are you guys not making the playoffs? 

Box Office : (10+) Zion been box office since high school! Aforementioned bully tactics continue, made more impressive by the fact he's now bouncing grown men around. This man child's physicality is on the level of a prime Boogie Cousin's (we miss ya playa). Full commitment to the craft and there is no ceiling. Prediction. Zion will tear down a rim this year, and the body count will be substantial. It's now 'Must See Z'.

Team Necessity : (10) Kinda was flirting with a 9 here, since the Pels already got 2 bonafide stars. 10 cuz you are the centerpiece. Necessity, health, and good habits. Keep that weight in check, stay on the court young bull.

SPITGAN Expectation : Fingers crossed. All manner of lucky trinkets in play here. What damage could this squad do with this Big 3?! The love for McCullum here at SPITGAN is well documented. Is he gonna have to let up on the gas and let the two younger cats lead? Zion can pass, he fills the stat sheet in every category. Boy has much to prove, and I like a mean determined mofo. A Pelicans game gonna look like a football game in the paint most nights. 

John Wall
John Wall's game is built for the bright lights of LA. 

It's been 3 years since John Wall has played in a meaningful game. 6 years since he's played more than 41 games in a season and... this is not the space to belabor the Washington years as meaningless here. It's been a tough go for the brash baller are the skills intact? One of the fastest guards with the rock and a feared name still, no doubt. My doubts have all to do with the fit on the Clippers. Anotha guard? Really? Will homie be able to accept a role far down the pecking order here? It has been a thorny subject that has dogged the man throughout his career. This season will be make or break. 

Box Office : (10) Dude has showtime built in! Gotta marvel at the speed he moves with the rock. This man coming downhill at you with his power and speed is near unrivalled. I can only think of Russ. J's got that street to him too, homeboy will clown you with his handles and moves. Always electric to watch. 

Team Necessity : (6) I don't see it. There is so much overlap here. Got mad love for dude but is this the situation for you? Maybe the other team in LA might have been a better look? Clearly the Clips need some mobile bigs. Wall needs a good season with the Clippers more than they need him. 

Career : (10+) Dude hasn't been healthy for years and sat out the last. You still got the rocket packs on your feet? You need a FULL year bro. Start shaking off that injury prone mantle right quick. Make them forget with playing good ball. Prove you can fit in and accept a role besides alpha dog. This is not the year to go it alone. 

SPITGAN Expectation : Wall buys into the system, plays a full year, and reaches phase 2 of the playing career. People listen to Wall. Will still burn through the floor and embarrass mofos on a steady basis. Reggie Jackson revitalized his career here, nothing is stopping you from doing the same.

Michael Porter Jr.
Michael Porter Jr. portending to 2023 being a big flex!

For the luva of the game I framed an argument for Jamal Murray being the most important returning piece in the West. That argument is also co-dependent on the entire Nuggets squad being healthy this year. Was Porter Jr. out with back issues again last season? Man that back has dogged you your whole career, get healthy young buck! Nuggets management has bet a bunch of chips on you (over Jerami Grant) to flourish, and for the Nuggets to be a serious conversation in the ring chase, you will be a vital part. For me the jury is still out on this kid. Sure their are some juicy plays on the resume but the resume is small, the sample size small. A quick glance at the roster, and I have tipped my hat to a squad that still employs ol' DeAndre Jordan. Lawd! DJ is a magician convincing teams he still got game in the tank. It's all olé defense nowadays... Bruce Brown was a good pick up and young Bones is developing nice. If Mike can strengthen his defensive repertoire the Nuggets stand to make me look like a lucky, overzealous fan.

Box Office : (8) While no particular highlights jump out at me from Junior, the excitement around him playing a full season's minutes alone deserves an 8. Homeslice has definitely shown an ability to score in bunches.

Team Necessity : (10) It's all hands on board. Nuggets definitely need Michael to gel and take a quantum leap in his game. Hazy recollections of defensive flashes sprint across my memory... that would be a most welcome sight. Does this contender have enough defense (hey big guys) to drive them to the promised land? 

SPITGAN Expectation : Learn to let the game come to you. Jokic is a willing passer and you will definitely get yours. Exceed expectations.  

Klay Thompson
Will the real Klay Thompson stand up.

Klay got a lotta screen time last year 'cuz the Warriors went all the way. If that is the Klay you expected to see either you are too forgiving or don't watch basketball. Yes, dude was coming off big injuries back-to-back, I get that, I ain't hatin'. Remember dude was a perennial All-Star, and one half of the Splash Bros, last year was not that form. This year I expect full Klay. Also remember Klay's D is respected. Damn you mofo's is tough. Top flight Klay and Wiggins on the wings this year?! Warriors aglow with riches right now. Make the most of these years mofos. Damn it's kills me to commit these thoughts to public. How much more can these guys win?

Box Office : (9) Dude can light it up as much as Splash Curry on any given night. What games you wanna reference, regular season or playoffs, homie performs.

Team Necessity : (10) 10. Warriors need you more than last. Some important pieces have left. The trinity is still the core of this squad. Keeping defenses honest on Steph, and locking up stars yourself will be relied upon. 

Career : (10) Hope the bad luck is in the past. What happened to you and Oladi were tragic Bronson. In your case, 'chip champagne must have done wonders to dispel the personal trials of the last few years. Is the All Star back?

SPITGAN Expectation : Splash Brothers, two words that will burn into your mind this year, deja vu like it was 2015 all over again. Dude is gonna be back on his 50 piece games in 3 quarters type shxt. 

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