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Kendrick Nunn
Kendrick Nunn, they forgot. 

As the Lakeshow derailed last year, I kept thinking of this kid. Was excited for the Lakers to get him and provide a spark for the squad. It played out to the tune of Kendrick missing the whole season with a bone bruise. Lakers missing the playoffs. Yes, AD was the major key the Lakers were missing but with a thin bench, I was hyped to see this cat make a difference. A year later? The Purple and Gold have major holes in their roster. Strengths I remember from Nunn's time with the Heat do not include 3 point shooting, and that might be a problem. Lebron makes people better, and has dragged worse teams to the finals. 

Box Office : (7) Small sample size for Nunn. There is much room for growth in the burgeoning talent. An revisit to this grade is a possibility. 

Team Necessity : (8) With the addition of Pat Bev, there is more redundancy to Kendrick's role, but still ample room for his own lane. The Lakers are suspect on the bench. Capable hands will be welcome. Coming from the Heat organization, dude can't be a slouch on D, can he? 

Career : (9) A year off to a promising young career is tough. You also playing with Lebron, AD and Russ. This is a show and prove year. Assert yourself bruv.

SPITGAN Expectation : Looking to Kendrick to bring some intangibles to the Lakeshow à la Alex Caruso (Friar Tuck) of yester squads. We Lebron fans here, people need to show up and help out. 

Dillon Brooks
Dillon Brooks a wildin' Canuck!

Dillon Brooks and Marcus Smart make for coaches with accelerating hair loss. You live and die a thousand deaths with these kinds of players. These cats mix fearless with reckless in a high octane cocktail until they cannot be distinguished from one another. Both are gamblers and showmen (buffonish at times, and for the refs). Guilty of colossal overplays one game only to vindicate themselves the next. Truly, highwire acts toying with the brink. They have flopped and, flung themselves, to successful careers. Ya'll know I ain't giving these Shaqtin' A Fool stalwarts enough credit. Both also possess a pretty potent scoring touch. Also remember brother from another mother, Marcus Smart was DPOY last year... Key difference Smart has cemented a role with the C's, Dillon's absence was a window of opportunity for Desmond Bane. Will the Grizz have need for Dillon's services much longer?

Box Office : (9) Unpredictable is entertaining. One of two players in the L where you rue the shot, then cheer like madmen when it drops. With Brooks you just hang on for the ride. Dillon gets his on any given night, sometimes even at the expense of the supernova that is Ja. When Dillon is cooking he has the ability to make you forget Ja is there. Dillon has antics, and is a foul-mouthed entertainer. Player with a chip on his shoulder. Homie's defense is commendable, he gets after it, and under people's skin. It's an acquired taste.

Necessity : (10) Dillon relishes playing against the best. There ain't many mofo's in the L that take to that task with the excitement Dillon exhibits. A guy that's gonna give you 48 minutes on a star? Who don't need that? Playoff time and this cat shines even brighter. Dude is an intermittent bucket getter too. You don't need to be steady with Ja Morant on your squad. Not all winning gonna be pretty. Grind house!

Career : (8) Last year was an anomaly. Sure homie is more than eager to get back at it with this squad. Can he curtail the wildcat tendencies enough within the team concept to stick? Lotta guard talent on the Grizz and some pieces will have to move as salaries rise. 

SPITGAN Expectations : Will be watching more of this squad when they play legit contenders. Ja gets amped to play the best, and the quality of ball is better. Am sure will be seeing more of this hound dog as a result. 

James Wiseman
James Wiseman mo' betta blues.

James Wiseman had the best seat in the house as the Warriors 'chipped up again! The Warriors be keepin' a Ferrari in the garage, and it's gonna see the road hella this year. Young James your living situation is luxurious, don't get too comfortable. Time to contribute to the winning, and steady show out. This squad is stacked again and what is more dangerous, the Warriors have a credible attacking big in the mix. Dude dunks with a bunny hop. Remember how Yao dunked? Man the amount of work it took to dunk a few times in my life, you guys put it in my face with this nonchalance. For real though young Wiseman, make the most of this sweet spot, you guys could easily repeat this year. Everyone healthy and with this gazelle running down the middle. Shxt is a cheat code. 

Box Office : (10) See the highlights from Japan? Remember Wiseman's rookie season? Homeboy was already showing flashes of Giannis type runs to the rack. Shots will be sent back in a variety of directions. As if the Warriors don't have enough highlight worthy dudes already. 

Team Necessity : (10) Wanna see the Warriors form Devastator? Well this is the year. Cats will be at full strength and hungry to ball. Wiseman adds a dimension the Warriors have never had, and fits perfectly into the mix. If kid starts showing out this bodes terrible for the league. Imagine : Young Wiseman guarding AD. Let's go!

Career : (10) On personal business here, you have only played 19 games in 2 year s. That 2020 draft class in retrospect is looking something special right now... It's go time bruh. Sure it's nice to have a ring already but it will hit different having a part in earning one! Shake this injury reputation in the process. Damn, these Warriors lookin' like favorites to win it all again, and for years to come. I take consolation that James Moody (Razorback alum) is on the squad and E-40 gets to revel in the wins!

Josh Collins
Zach Collins time to smash these fools!

Of the last couple years this is my favorite Zag by far (Won't find a fan of them Bulldogs here!). I thought he was gonna be a major hey on that Blazers squad I so loved but it didn't happen. The bubble burst and for the last 2 years, homie has been hurt. The big man tool kit Zach brings is to work is a skilled one but I haven't seen much of it in the league. The rebounding beast with a scorer's touch has not reared his head much. This year there should be ample room to run, and it's another year with the best, Pop. Spurs are playing for the bottom, Wembanyama. Speaking of which wouldn't that be one bad ass twin tower set! Make it happen! Have a career year all the way to a successful bottom. 

Box Office : (8) I tell you from college, Zach's an exciting player to watch. His game demand attention. Us die hard fans are due some returns on investment this year.

Team Necessity : (3) What do the Spurs need (and I love this team)? The #1 muthafxckin' pick that's what! No Haterade but the squad has played admirably over the last few years as befits any Popovich team. No exceeding expectations this year. The 'T' in team is for tank. I don't blame you. Still will tune in though, Pop always has these cats playing great team basketball, and they got some up and coming talent too. 

Career : (10) C'mon dawg. You 5 years in! You betta than this! You don't even average 10pts a game, let's not talk about coming close to the double digit rebounds I expect of you! You should be starting this year right?! 

SPITGAN Expectation : Zach Collins makes me look like the basketball savant I claim to be. You will see!

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Boogie Cousins
Make room for Boogie Cousins in the NBA!

Yo it be killin' a lot of fans that Boogie is not in the league as of the start of the season. No more than the man himself. If you don't wanna see this man back, healthy and playin' basketball, don't talk to me, we are not friends. Can't even recall the injury bad luck the big man has encountered. Here's an trend in the right direction though. Last year bro played more games than he's played in the last 3 years, combining stints with the Bucks and Nuggets to play 48 games. 

We want the Bully back. How about a year with Pop? If anyone can rehabilitate his image.. By many accounts Big Cuz has been staying in shape and putting in that work, old wounds have healed. Wasn't the Cousins/AD front court one of the best experiments of recent years?! Bring back Boogie. Bring back Boogie!

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