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Excited for the new NBA season? The draft brought it's share of surprises from selection No. 1, and Steven A. Smith's meltdown was must see TV! Summer League and Pro-Am's were surprisingly ill! Superhero team ups. More please! Number 1, Paulo already got a target on his back, but shouts to the kid for being willing to compete with everyone! An Orlando/Hawks game (1st one Oct. 21, 2023) has now been penciled in on my calendar for curiosity... In the excitement for the coming season, thought it would be interesting to shine the spotlight on some of the missing pieces that might have been lost in our short term memories, and our 'hot take' attention spans. I'm talking about the cats that missed a...

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Miami Heat Report Card. NBA Finals 2020

Decimated by injuries to key personnel, Goran Dragic, and Ban Adebayo, not to mention Jimmy Butler playing valiantly on who-knows-how-bad a twisted ankle. This series was close! 4-2 in the end but legitimately Game 4 could have gone either way! Let's put the Miami Heat under the microscope.

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Denver Nuggets Report Card. Western Conference Finals 2020

How entertaining was this squad? Heart attack kids left it all on the floor every game but it seemed clear that Lebron and Co. had them outclassed. Nothing to hang your head on, Lebron, AD and Co. looks to have the league outclassed this playoffs.So without further adieu let's get into our grading of Nugget individuals for this series. Damn was that an entertaining run. 

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