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Miami Heat Report Card. NBA Finals 2020

Decimated by injuries to key personnel, Goran Dragic, and Ban Adebayo, not to mention Jimmy Butler playing valiantly on who-knows-how-bad a twisted ankle. This series was close! 4-2 in the end but legitimately Game 4 could have gone either way! Let's put the Miami Heat under the microscope.

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Boston Celtics Report Card. Eastern Conference Finals 2020

A good run for the Celtics this year. Restored to their proper place after last year's meltdown. Big series win against the Raptors in 7 games where they were firing on all cylinders. They met their match in the Eastern Conference Finals though. A Heat team brimming with confidence after running through their bracket in the division carried on their successful ways. 

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"The premise: in standard fantasy draft format, you pick b-ball shoes instead of players—albeit without a season, playoffs or any other element of fantasy sports other than the “fantasy” or “draft” parts. Because we all love the game—but we also care deeply about the game within the game: the kicks, the trash talk, the culture, the stories, and of course, “sauce” (on- and off-court). And how else are you gonna keep yourself occupied socially isolating for months on end?"

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