Model Kenny Wong wears STR3AK Clothing Booyaa Hoodie available on SPITGAN.COM

Photos by : Nick D @precursorprints
Stylee by : 2 Dirty Guys for @precursorprints

I chanced upon young Kenny Wong on the streets of Hong Kong and was pleased he accepted my request to shoot him for SPITGAN. Having always wanted to shoot an albino person, I was thinking more aesthetically, and it would have been more intelligent to remember there is a real condition to their situation. This I was reminded of immediately when I began to shoot with Kenny outdoors. I am gracious to him for the effort, and realized my reckless oversight. 

I am also proud to share the words of Kenny Wong in this interview. Albeit brief, I am happy that it covers ground with his albinism, his interests in fashion, and Hong Kong the great! Have a read. Humble, and forthcoming words from a 22 year old! The future is definitely in good hands!

LEFT : Wearing knit sweater by Salvatore Ferragamo, and Chinese Print Puffa Set from Savage Storeroom available on SPITGAN.COM // RIGHT : Wears jacket from Pleats Please Homme, slacks by Kooples, and leather loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo

Kenny wears STR3AK Clothing Booyaa Hoodie available on SPITGAN.COM

SPITGAN : Hi Kenny. We street cast you because we felt you had a great look, but being an albino is much more about a 'look' can you tell us about it?
Kenny Wong : I agree that it’s somehow more related to the appearance of a person with albinism. People with this condition, like me, have exceptionally pale skin, white eyebrows, white hair as well as blue pupils. This may probably make me even more unique possessing these features as an Asian. I believe that being different and innovative is important to the fast-changing fashion industry. So being an albino could be a critical reason why I met this treasurable opportunity.

SG : I would like to apologize again for not being considerate of your condition. We shot with you outside and you are more sensitive to sunlight. Is the Hong Kong weather difficult for you?
Kenny : Yes, being an albino, it can be a challenge for living in Hong Kong. This is because having albinism implies a lack of melanin within the human body, leading to a malfunction of the eyes. With this condition, my eyes become sensitive when living in the subtropical climates or any other bright environment. Apart from this, lacking in melanin also leads to sensitive skin, which means that the skin could be easily burnt under the hot sun. Considering these underlying, yet minor difficulties, I believe that these can be overcome by simply carrying out sun protection measures.

LEFT : Kenny wears total look Salvatore Ferragamo // RIGHT : Cable knit sweater from Salvatore Ferragamo

SG : You are born and raised in Hong Kong? Tell us about what you are doing?
Kenny : Yes, I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I am currently a student studying accounting and finance. In the hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic, I usually stay at home for the online classes like a typical university student weekdays. In my spare time in recent months, I often read books, or watch videos and dramas related to what I am interested in, a lot of history, politics, and investments. Sometimes, stock trading also drives my enthusiasm to live through these boring months.

Kenny wearing shades stylist's own, pinstripe blazer and black denim by Dunhill

SG : You would like to be a model? What interests you about fashion?
Kenny : It would be cool to be a model because being a model means that I would have limitless opportunities to try a wide variety of clothes and styles for which I have never imagined before. I would regard these sorts of fruitful experiences as a process of self-exploration, in which I would better understand what styles, or single items are compatible to my albino self.

Besides, I think modelling might potentially open a new chapter in my life. From my personal background it’s not hard to speculate that I am the kind of person who think logically, speak carefully, and act prudently. That’s why somehow there is a feeling of living in a structured, and established box. Modelling offers me huge possibilities to meet fashion people, to blend myself into an artistic environment, and open many new doors.

From a wider perspective, albinism is also a catalyst driving my interest into the fashion area. It would be great if more people understand albinism and appreciate the uniqueness of it.

Wearing STR3AK Clothing Booyaa Hoodie available on SPITGAN.COM, and Chinese Print Puffa Set from Savage Storeroom available at SPITGAN.COM, shoes model's own.

SG : Having just worked together. What do you think it will take for you to be a successful model? What do you need to work on?
Kenny : I think a learning mindset prevails. As an industry outsider, I have no knowledge about what superior skills or qualities a good model should be well-equipped with. What can a model do to coordinate with the photographer or other co-workers perfectly. For this shoot specifically, I think how to give natural postures is a good lesson to study. Apart from this, I think having my own style could also be a determining factor to succeed, as this could help you grab the attention and leave a impression with people.

SG : How would you describe your own style?
Kenny : I think it’s too early to position myself having a specific style. First, it’s because I am a newcomer to the fashion field. Second, I think that albinos have a high plasticity to be shaped into any possible experimental styles, since we do not have any obvious color on the body that may negatively affect the presentation of the intended clothes or makeup. If there must be a word to describe my own style, I would say it would be the style of high compatibility.

LEFT : Wearing shades stylist's own, pinstripe blazer and black denim by Dunhill // RIGHT : Kenny wears STR3AK Clothing Booyaa Hoodie available on SPITGAN.COM

SG : Do you know any Hong Kong fashion brands? Pls share some of your favorites.

Kenny : Since I am not an expert in the fashion area, I do not have any big names in my mind at the moment. I do think it would be great if the Hong Kong local fashion industry could be supported and widely known by more people, both locally and internationally.

SG : Can you tell us about your Hong Kong? What are 3 places you like to hang out and why?
Kenny : I would describe Hong Kong as a highly metropolitan city, so hanging out with my friends and family in Mong Kok Plaza is a thing I often do. Also, I have developed a habit of running in a sports ground near my home for the last three years. Besides that, Tai Kwun, the newly renovated art and shopping complex, is a place I love to hang out with my friends, as the classical buildings attract me a lot.

Kenny wearing STR3AK Clothing Booyaa Hoodie available on SPITGAN.COM, and Chinese Print Puffa Set from Savage Storeroom available at SPITGAN.COM

SG : So what is special about Hong Kong?
Kenny : Hong Kong is special because it’s a rare place where Chinese culture meets the western one. All the while, it’s somehow localized, with its languages, buildings, values, etc.

SG : Can you tell us about your plans for the near future? Any projects coming up or goals you want to achieve? 
Kenny : Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of my intended plans were cancelled, but I hope that some little goals could be accomplished such as finding a graduate job suiting my personal interest as financial analyst. On a more personal level, my exercise plan has been disrupted due to the pandemic so now I have some gym equipment in my home. So I will probably resume my exercise plan very soon.

Wearing STR3AK Clothing Booyaa Hoodie available on SPITGAN.COM, black denim by Dunhill, green sandals by Salvatore Ferragamo.

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