8 IN THE CLIP. EPISODE 2. NOV. 10, 2020

8 In The Clip with another rundown of bangers from Far East to West! Contributions from Hong Kong include a remix of YoungQueenz, Last Freedom by posse member, GrymeMan, and the debut of electric outfit, Retox'D, new track, 'Beast Mode'!

Ladies representin' lovely on this week's chart with contributions by Vel the Wonder, Koffee, and Rapsody. Takin' the Number 1 spot is a standout track from a standout project, 'Honest Living\Crooked Killing' by Zilla Rocha and Chong Wizard. 

Fillin' out the hefty edition, find contributions from Buju Banton, Lord Juco, billy woods, Flee Lord, Eto, Buddy Leezle, Rice Master Zen and Fatboi Sharif! 

Open to music contributions. If you feel you got something we need to hear hit us up at : whatyouwant@spitgan.com

Check out '8 In The Clip. EP1.'

Let's ride!

1) Honest Living \ Crooked Killing - Zilla Rocha and Chong Wizard ft. billy woods & Lord Juco

2) Rapsody - 12 Problems

3) RocAmerikkka 2 Intro - Flee Lord & Eto 

4) Beast Mode - Retox'D


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5) Pressure (RMX) - Koffee ft. Buju Banton 

6) Uma - Vel The Wonder 

7) Gorilla Piss 2 - Buddy Leezle ft. Fatboi Sharif, prod. Rice Master Zen

8) The Last Freedom (GrymeMan Remix) - YoungQueenz 

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