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8 IN THE CLIP. EP12. MAY 6, 2021

Yo if you ain't cookin' that indelible flyness it ain't making this list! 8 In The Clip EP12, and we have combed high and low through the Hip Hop spectrum to give you a concise hit of that DOPE! You know what time it is...If you have something we need to hear hit us up :

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8 IN THE CLIP. EP11. APRIL 9, 2021

Moment of silence for DMX. Rest In Peace.Episode 11 of 8 In The Clip and we soldier on. As we continue to source the best of the latest from Far East and West. We bring you a decided more underground mix, highlighting those that we feel are definitely on the come up!

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The number 1 spot you ask? Al Skratch is back. Yes THAT Al Skratch, with a crazy gem produced by Large Professor! 'Be Original' sees the decorated vet kickin' swag lines with the utmost confidence like he never left. Clear reference to the unwritten rule of Hip Hop, come original, Al shows just how originoo he be with this flex. Bounce for days, and damn if that Black Moon sample ain't the perfect tie in, Originoo Gun Clap, Be Original, Yadadamean'?! Oh Large Pro, this beat, this beat. This beat make you act a fool when it on G! 

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